Hogan Gidley: No One Is Buying What Democrats Are Selling About 1/6

Newsmax contributor Hogan Gidley said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show people are fed up with the Democrats fake outrage over January 6 and that they won’t talk about important things that voters care about such as gas prices.

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The following is a rush transcript from The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Listen to the program live Monday – Friday from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. Click here to listen to the full interview.

TODD STARNES: [01:40:39] Want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, our good friend from Newsmax TV, Hogan Gidley joins us. Hogan, I hope you’re doing good. [01:40:46][6.8]

HOGAN GIDLEY: [01:40:47] Doing really well. Seems like it’s getting closer and closer. Every show we do together, Todd, I’m getting very, very near geographically to Memphis. I’m in Atlanta today at the America First Policy Summit and it’s so good to get out of that swamp. I can’t even tell you. [01:41:00][13.3]

TODD: [01:41:00] Well, I don’t blame you. And come on over to Memphis. We got the the weather is great. No humidity so far and the ribs are on the smoker, my friend. [01:41:11][10.7]

HOGAN: [01:41:12] So far, that’ll last another week at the most. [01:41:15][2.7]

TODD: [01:41:15] Give it some time. Let’s enjoy it, Hogan, while we can. [01:41:18][2.9]

HOGAN: [01:41:18] That’s right. [01:41:19][0.2]

TODD: [01:41:19] Hey, look. Big Town Hall last night and I just have to give huge props to Newsmax. you guys are just really up the game and really doing a great job covering politics. And you guys had a town hall in Ohio with J.D. Vance, who is running for the U.S. Senate and has President Trump’s approval. [01:41:41][22.1]

HOGAN: [01:41:42] Absolutely. Look, I think it’s important for voters to always hear from their candidates directly. And I think Newsmax is doing a really good job putting those folks, you know, directly in front of the people that they could potentially represent. It’s obviously a big Senate race in a very important battleground state. And, you know, I think that the company itself just wants to be at the forefront of ensuring that voters get to kick those tires a little bit before they cast their votes. I think that’s a very, very, very vital part of the process, and I’m glad we’re a part of it. [01:42:16][33.4]

TODD: [01:42:16] You know, I know that President Trump has endorsed JD, but I think a lot of Trump loyalists people who are out there fighting MAGA supporters, you know, they hear the things that JD said about the president. And I mean, once compared to him, to the American Hitler was the phrase used. He’s been out there and saying all these horrible things. Yet he said during the town hall that he is a convert. Do you think that he delivered a convincing message that he has seen the light? [01:42:45][29.6]

HOGAN: [01:42:47] Well, look, I think I think that really is up to the person who gave the endorsement and that that that man is Donald Trump. And I love the the explanation of why the endorsement came and to hear Donald Trump say, you know, look, this guy said some things that weren’t too great to Trump in years past, but he’s now doing things in spades that would actually benefit the Make America Great Again mantra in the America First policy that Donald Trump implemented. And so Donald Trump decided to pull the trigger on it. Look, I know it’s a crowded field. There are a lot of folks in that race that are getting some serious play and some serious look, and that’s the way this process works. And so typically, if I were, you know, working for a candidate again, you know, an endorsement is a good thing to have. It didn’t really matter much in this particular instance when you have someone like Donald Trump endorsing, obviously, that carries with it a ton of weight, much different than any endorsement in past years. So, you know, I think it’s significant for the J.D. Vance campaign. And I think whatever Donald Trump saw in JD, obviously it’s something that that resulted in an endorsement and those things are coveted around this country. [01:43:56][68.9]

TODD: [01:43:56] So there is- you mentioned you’re in Atlanta, there is a huge fight underway surrounding Marjorie Taylor Greene. There’s a judge who is going to lead an effort to block her from running for office, running for reelection, to proceed. And there’s a lot of concern over where that might go. And just a few seconds ago, man. Let me stop here. What is going on out there with the horn honking? [01:44:19][22.5]

HOGAN: [01:44:19] Well, we’re out here in front of a hotel and I’m trying to get back inside because my goodness, people are excited. I guess they’re just happy to be alive and well in the south. Well, I know you’re not inside now. [01:44:32][12.5]

TODD: [01:44:32] I know you’re in Atlanta because the horn honking around Memphis, there will be gunfire. But anyway, President Trump, just a few moments ago, put out a lengthy statement defending Marjorie Taylor Greene and really blaming the governor, Brian Kemp of Georgia, for what he and the way the president framed it. She is now going through hell and their attempt to unseat her is just more of an election mess in Georgia. Are you hearing that from people there in the Atlanta area? [01:45:04][31.8]

HOGAN: [01:45:05] Look, what I’m hearing is people are really frustrated at the process and a lot of the fake outrage surrounding January 6th and there have been attempts to unseat other people like Madison Cawthorn and others and prevent them from running. It is so interesting to me that the term insurrection gets thrown around a lot. It’s almost like the term racist at this point. It doesn’t have a meaning in the sense that there is nobody involved in January 6 that’s been charged with insurrection that is a literal legal term and is some serious punishment within, as you can imagine. So the fact that these folks continue to go after people in and around that that that day in our nation’s history, it shows you a few things. One is they really don’t have anything as it relates to insurrection on any of those people. But number two is the Democrats just refuse to talk about anything that matters to the American people like the economy, like gas prices like the southern border, like crime because they have no solutions for those things. In fact, their policies are designed on purpose to hurt middle class America to allow people to flood our southern border, to defund the police and see crime spike. So they’ve got nothing to sell. If that’s the case, the Democrats continue to be cornered the way they are politically, then they’re going to lash out any way they can to just try and drive up their base. That’s why Joe Biden is talking about gun control measures and and going after January 6th, folks, because they’ve got nothing to sell and what they do have to sell. The American people aren’t buying. [01:46:48][103.6]

TODD: [01:46:49] Yeah, no, you’re right. And we’re just going to and this is how if they’re successful with Marjorie Taylor Greene, this is how they’re going to go after President Trump and try to get him off the ballot should he decide to run in 2024. [01:47:00][10.7]

HOGAN: [01:47:02] Oh, no question. I think it’s part of a grand plan to prevent anybody who doesn’t agree with their entire woke leftist radical agenda off of any ballot. They don’t like to have those conversations. They don’t like to debate the issues because, as I said before, they just resort to name calling. You’re an insurrectionist, you’re a racist, you’re a Marxist. All the things when in actuality, the left always, as I said on your show before, always accuses the right of things they themselves are guilty of actually doing. They don’t want to run a race against someone like Donald Trump who actually improves the lives of all Americans because the people of this country see what they had just a few short months ago versus what they have now. And a lot of folks are around dinner tables and around the kitchen talking about different issues that are hurting them and saying, Hey, maybe I can withstand a mean day or two. If we could, we could actually have a chance to build a future that is somewhat prosperous as opposed to leadership that’s taken us down a road that really destroys America. [01:48:07][65.1]

TODD: [01:48:08] It’s a great point. Hogan, we’re going to leave it there. Have fun in Atlanta. Where are you heading next? Are you on a road trip here? [01:48:15][7.4]

HOGAN: [01:48:16] No, sir. I’m back to D.C., sadly to the swamp. And then we’ve got some election integrity fights. We’re still battling there in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and some other states with legislatures that are still engaged. And then we start a big, massive voter roll cleanup effort. You’ll be hearing more about that soon, and we can discuss that on the show as well. And it’s really going to make a big impact for the 2022 midterms. [01:48:36][19.8]

TODD: [01:48:37] All right. Hogan Gidley, our friend from Newsmax TV. Hogan, Enjoy. Atlanta, we’ll get. We’ll look forward to having you back on very soon. [01:48:45][7.6]HOGAN: [01:48:45] Thanks so much, Todd. [01:48:46][0.7]

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