Huckabee: Pence Is No RINO

Mike Huckabee disagrees with people that think former Vice President Mike Pence is a RINO.

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Do you think Mike Pence is a RINO?

The former Arkansas governor made the comment on the Todd Starnes Show Wednesday, the day after failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate in Georgia, called him one.

“There’s no question,” Perdue told host Todd Starnes ahead of the primary.

Perdue later lost to Gov. Brian Kemp (R-GA). That’s despite Perdue having the endorsement of former President Trump. Pence endorsed Kemp.

Huckabee said Pence is no RINO.

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“If you’re talking about a Republican that loves taxes and hates the Second Amendment and doesn’t believe in life and believes in abortion and wants to fund it with public dollars and doesn’t believe in a strong national defense and thinks government ought to be at the federal level and not the local level, okay, that might be a RINO,” said Huckabee.

The former governor later questioned what authority someone has to label another individual a RINO.

“When someone says, ‘this individual is a RINO,’ my first question is ‘who died and left you in charge to decide who the RINOs are?’” said Huckabee. “What an arrogant and offensive position to take.”


Huckabee’s advice to candidates?

“Speak your message and speak it with conviction,” said Huckabee. “Voters will figure this out. Just tell them what you stand for and let them decide.”

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