Huckabee: Walorski Is at Feet of Jesus, Not in Biden’s Audience

Mike Huckabee told the Todd Starnes Show President Biden is unaware of his surroundings and embarrassing this great nation.


Is President Biden fit for office?

During a recent press conference, Biden mentioned the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, who passed away in August. However, the president seemed to forget that the representative had passed, and he even asked if she was present at the event.

“Representative Jackie, you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here,” Biden said as he appeared confused on stage.

Huckabee noted that just before Biden’s blunder, a video was played memorializing Walorski.

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“It was really just bizarre to think that he had just seen a video paying tribute to Congresswoman Walorski,” Huckabee said. “So he’s just seen that she’s passed away. They’re giving her a memorial video and then he says, yeah, where are you, Jackie? Well, she’s probably at the feet of Jesus right now, and she’s unavailable to come to the White House.”

“It was embarrassing. And I feel bad about it all. But this tells us that you can’t just keep covering for Joe Biden. He’s just not really fully aware of his surroundings,” the former Arkansas Governor added.

Listen to the full conversation here:

The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

TODD STARNES: [01:17:54] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, our good friend, Gov. Mike Huckabee. And Governor, I know you spent a lot of time in Florida, had a place out there on the beach. What a terrible situation. [01:18:04][10.2]

MIKE HUCKABEE: [01:18:06] Todd, it just is horrific to watch these scenes that are coming in from Florida, reminds me of Hurricane Michael which, you know, up until a few hours before it hit land, they were saying it was going to be a maybe a cat two cat three tops, turned out to be a cat five. So this storm is already a cat four. It’s two miles per hour away from being a Cat five. That is just absolutely apocalyptic when it hits the land. And we’re already seeing the effect of that. So, you know, kudos to the emergency management team that’s in Florida that Governor DeSantis has put in place. But there’s going to be a world of hurt following this hurricane. And even though states have time to prepare, you cannot adequately prepare for something of this consequence in size. [01:18:54][47.7]

STARNES: [01:18:55] No, you really can’t. I was telling folks yesterday one of the worst disasters is really the flooding, because even though your house is still there, I mean, it pretty much has to be gutted. You have lost everything with the mold and mildew and people are going to be dealing with a lot of loss from physical things. But we just have to hope and pray that lives are not lost and that everybody did as they were encouraged to do and evacuated. [01:19:20][25.2]

HUCKABEE: [01:19:22] After 1992, when Hurricane Andrew hit Miami so hard and it was such a just devastating loss, a lot of things changed in hurricane preparation and some of it had to do with building codes. Now, the building code in Florida is very, very stringent, and most of the structures that have been built within the last 20 years are going to survive. The structures will. The wind will probably be abated enough. But you just mentioned what most people don’t understand. The water damage can be so severe. And the trouble with water damage, this is true whether it’s a hurricane or a flood from a river in the interior of the U.S., is that a lot of the water damage does not manifest even months after the event because you have various electric lines, cables, and they may seem to be operating and then they just quit. And that’s something that people will find with their appliances and all of their wiring that very well may have to be replaced. But the immediate concern right now, human life, and that’s obviously what the emergency management officials are dealing with, trying to protect human life, urged them, get out of the pathway of this storm, evacuate, don’t take chances. It’s not worth it. And then you see these people standing with a microphone trying to show us how tough they are. And quite frankly, I think sometimes it makes it worse because there are people in their homes, they say, well, if that guy standing on the beach, I’m sure I’ll be okay in my home. And it’s not a good look. [01:20:55][93.2]

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STARNES: [01:20:56] I was watching some video earlier. Tampa Bay had pretty much emptied out. So you can literally walk into the bay and all these people were out there. I’m like, folks, that water’s coming back. You you better get out of there. I mean, people can’t mess around with this stuff, especially with the storm this massive and I was watching last night, the early reports coming out of Key West where they were, there was already considerable flooding and the hurricane was still four or five hours away. So they’re in for the long haul and people just need to pay attention and do what the governor is recommending. And by the way, Governor Ron DeSantis, wow. What a great job he’s been doing. [01:21:35][39.0]

HUCKABEE: [01:21:36] He has been doing it. He’s managing it carefully. What one has to do in this situation is well in advance of the storm hitting start staging assets that are going to be needed once the storm has passed. And that means everything from rescue crews, but it also means getting power companies from all over the country to make their way as close as they can without being in the path of the storm, so that the moment that storm does pass through, there will be literally thousands of linemen from all over America that will be immediately moving in to start restoring power and getting things turned back on. It is a massive undertaking. The logistical challenge of it is enormous. But I think what we’ve seen is that Governor DeSantis, who was a Navy guy, you know, he understands the idea of preparing for combat. That’s a lot what he’s doing. And he’s done a great job of assembling a good team and being prepared for the worst of it. [01:22:33][56.3]

STARNES: [01:22:33] Gov. Mike Huckabee is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line today. And Governor, I know you’re out and about. There was a video that we just posted on our social media pages, a very bizarre scene unfolding at the Rose Garden where there was a small stage erected. And after President Biden’s remarks, he got lost on this tiny stage. The first lady can be heard in the microphone saying, just go this way, Joe. So he tries to start following her. Then he turns around and goes the other way. It’s just bizarre. But then earlier in the day, Governor Huckabee and this is what I want you to weigh in on. President Biden was giving remarks and he made a reference to Congresswoman Jackie Walorski, who had died back in August. He actually thought she was in the room. Take a listen. [01:23:23][49.7]

BIDEN IN AUDIO CLIP: [01:23:23] I want to thank all of you here for including bipartisan elected officials like representative governor, Sen. Braun, Sen. Booker, representative Jackie, you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she was going to be here, to help make this a reality. [01:23:39][15.1]

STARNES: [01:23:39] No, she wasn’t going to be there because she’s dead. Gov. Huckabee, I mean, what do you say about all of this? [01:23:45][6.2]

HUCKABEE: [01:23:46] It was really just bizarre to think that he had just seen a video paying tribute to Congresswoman Walorski. So he’s just seen that she’s passed away. They’re giving her a memorial video and then he says, yeah, where are you, Jackie? Well, she’s probably at the feet of Jesus right now, and she’s unavailable to come to the White House. It was embarrassing. And I feel bad about it all. But this tells us that you can’t just keep covering for Joe Biden. He’s just not really fully aware of his surroundings. And you mentioned walking off the stage every time he’s on a stage. When he stops, he turns off the podium. He puts his hands out in front of him. And it’s like he either shakes hands with Casper the Ghost or he just wanders aimlessly about it until finally somebody comes and gets him. It used to be they would tell him in the teleprompter what to do, but he kept reading the instructions off the prompter as if it was part of the text. So now they just let him wander around in whatever it is. It’s just it’s awful. [01:24:51][64.7]

STARNES: [01:24:53] It’s terrible. And it’s very sad what’s happening. And I know you can’t control what happens when you get old, but somebody needs to, I think the reason why nobody is doing anything is because this is the way they want him to be. So whoever is pulling the strings can do what needs to be done in the White House. And that leads me to this last story. Tucker Carlson weighing in on this. And he raised the question that probably needs to be raised about the Nord Stream pipelines. Clearly, they have been sabotaged. And Tucker said, did we do this? Because Biden promised to do it back in February. He said if Russia invaded Ukraine, the pipelines were gone and now they’re gone. [01:25:34][41.5]

HUCKABEE: [01:25:36] It would be very nice for the White House to issue a very firm and unequivocal denial about it. Otherwise, that speculation not only will exist here in the United States among critics of Joe Biden, but can you imagine what’s being discussed right now in Europe and among our NATO allies, as well as what Putin might be thinking? That Joe, in fact, was good on his promise, just like he said back when he was vice president, that if they didn’t fire a prosecutor who was coming after his son, they don’t get $1,000,000,000 of U.S. aid. And then he gives the famous, rather profane comment and says, by golly, 6 hours later, that guy was fired, that prosecutor, and they got the money. And I always wondered why wasn’t there a congressional investigation? We need to know, did we have anything to do with the Nord Stream pipeline or as Karine Jean-Pierre calls it, the Nordstrom pipeline, as if it was built by the department store. [01:26:36][60.0]

STARNES: [01:26:37] Oh, Jeez a loo, unbelievable. Very dangerous days in this country, Governor, as we head to the midterms, and I hope people are paying very close attention because this could unravel very quickly and we could find ourselves in a shooting war with somebody. Governor, real quick here, what’s coming up on the big show this weekend? [01:26:57][20.4]

HUCKABEE: [01:26:59] We’re still trying to pin it down exactly. We’ve got two congressmen that we are working with, one of whom will be there. But I don’t want to announce which one because it may be the other. It depends on their schedules and what they can do. Our musical guest is Craig Morgan. He’ll be talking about fatherhood. And I think it’s going to be a very, very good show. But then again, I think they’re all good. I will say we are starting our sixth season coming up this weekend, which means we’ve been on the air with the Huckabee show for five solid years and still going strong. [01:27:32][33.1]

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STARNES: [01:27:33] Well, if you ever need anybody in the band, you know, I can play a tambourine. I’m pretty good at that. [01:27:37][4.1]

HUCKABEE: [01:27:38] I’ll keep that in mind. And we will, as they say in Washington, we’ll put that under advisement. [01:27:45][6.8]

STARNES: [01:27:45] Appreciate that. All right, Governor Mike Huckabee, you’re going to be able to watch his great show on Saturday, the top cable news program, an entertainment program on cable. Over the weekend. It’s amazing. Governor, always good to have you on the program. [01:28:01][15.6]

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