‘I MAY HAVE TO GO AMISH.’ – Starnes Show Caller Laments Gas Prices

As President Biden’s failed economic policies continue to make gas prices soar, Patti from North Carolina told the Todd Starnes Show that the Amish must be laughing at the rest of us, because we pay the high prices.

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TODD STARNES: [00:18:45] Let’s go to Patti in North Carolina, WSIC, our great affiliate there. Hey, Patti, what’s up?

PATTI: Hey, Todd, how are you? Listen… You’re spot on with everything. I love your show. And the guy they called before. I would love to have you debate him because he has no clue what is going on. Okay. The guy from Georgia I’m talking about. Anyway, I cannot believe that gas prices are higher than Hunter Biden.

STARNES: That’s a fair point there, Patti. They’re pretty high. Are you paying a lot of money there in North Carolina for gas?

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PATTI: Oh, yeah, I believe it’s going to go further than that. I think it’s going to go to seven, $8 a gallon of gas in North Carolina. We’re paying right now, I just paid the other day. I paid $5.01.

STARNES: Jeez-A-loo.

Did Biden's policies raise gas prices in your area?

STARNES: Patti, I’m telling you, they want all of us. Patti, they want all of us to be riding around in little horses and buggies. That’s where all this is going.

PATTI: Well, I’m ready. I’m telling you, I’m ready to go to Pennsylvania and join an Amish community. Are you kidding? I’m ready to join. I’m ready to go and join an Amish community because the Amish are the smartest ones right now. They’re all laughing at us.

STARNES: You may be on to something, Patti

PATTI: Yeah. I’m not kidding. The Amish say, look at these idiots. Look at these English people. They are idiots! Look at us!

STARNES: Patti. Patti, I got to tell you a story. I have an Amish story, Patti. I got an Amish story. And folks, by the way, just in case you’re wondering, because we’re working remotely, there’s a bit of a delay between phone calls. So we just kind of work through it here, but just give you a heads up. Anyway, Patti, I was speaking at a religious novelist convention years ago, and I didn’t realize at that point how lucrative the Amish romance fiction world was. And somebody was actually trying to get me to write an Amish romance novel. They said you could sell millions of copies. I don’t know. The title I came up with: “My Name is Yoder, If the Buggy is Rockin’ Don’t Come Knockin’. Is that inappropriate?

PATTI: But it’s pretty sad, though, when you have people like that laughing at us. I mean, everybody’s laughing and it’s not just them. And then you got the, you know, you got the comedian in chief last night on Kimmel. I didn’t watch it, but I call him comedian in chief, fits him perfectly and the other one cackling in charge. And then you got, oh, let’s go on and on. But you know what? Who I feel sorry for is poor Kavanaugh. The guy went through hell. When he was getting, you know, getting a confirmed. And the guy’s going through hell now. You know what? Chuck Schumer, Blackburn was right. If anything happened to this poor guy, I would blame Chuck Schumer.

STARNES: Well, that’s what we’re doing. I’m, you know, I’m tired of playing games, as a matter of fact, Patti. We’ve got some audio. Patti, we got to run. But thank you for the call.

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