If Republicans Follow THIS Advice — They Will Win 2024 in a Landslide

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Here’s my new year’s resolution for the Republican Party.

We are now in a full-blown sprint towards Election Day. And it’s important for the leaders of the Republican Party to understand what is expected of them by the voters.

Republican leaders talk a good game. They can deliver a great congressional hearing. They can produce awe-inspiring campaign videos. But when it comes to actually doing something – the Republicans are the modern-day Do-Nothing Party.

And that has to change. That must change in 2024.

To date – not a single member of the Biden Administration has been impeached. Not even DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Since December first more than 300,000 illegals have crossed the border. Records are being broken on a near-daily basis.

President Trump wrote on Truth Social today that President Biden is using invasion as a way to destroy our nation. And he believes the Democrats are signing up the illegals to vote. I believe that to be true.

President Biden has violated his oath of office. He has failed to uphold Article Four Section Four of the U.S. Constitution. He has turned a blind eye while our border states were invaded.

And yet the Republicans have done nothing.

How about this – in 2024 – let’s shut down the border. Just shut it down. Send in the state national guards. If the federal government refuses to act, the state governments must. Enforce the law.

Let’s resolve to get our fiscal house in order. Republicans need to muster the courage to stop spending our tax money on getting monkeys high on meth and probing transgender apes. Sen. Rand Paul uncovered $900 billion in wasteful spending – approved by Republicans. Sounds to me like the monkeys aren’t the only ones smoking meth.

Republicans must also resolve to stand on key culture war issues. We cannot and we must not abandon the pro-life plank. A Republican party that does not believe in life liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Americans – even the unborn – is a party that will never win at the ballot box.

And shame on Republican governors who have surrendered to the sex and gender revolutionaries. Ohio Governor Mike DeWine all but declared war on biological girls. We believe God made male and female. Facebook came up with the rest.

Finally, we must root out the woke agenda that has infested the Pentagon. We have a military that’s more concerned about preferred pronouns and drag queens than it is fighting the enemy. No wonder so many red-blooded American young men refuse to volunteer. They don’t want to become social justice warriors.

We need a party that will put the needs and obligations of Americans first.

But most of all – it’s my hope that Republicans will coalesce around the winner of the 2024 Republican presidential primary. If the RINO’s and Never Trumpers can’t set aside their petty differences – they will sabotage the election. That would send this country into a socialist death spiral. But if we stand together as one – we will win the day. And together we will make America great again.

Is President Trump the best man to be president in 2024?

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