IRONY: Jen Psaki Fails To Name One Republican Wanting To Defund The Police

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With the plan to defund the police backfiring, Democrats are now starting to play the blame game. Not wanting to accept the consequences of their repeated rhetoric, some Democrats have even started accusing Republicans of wanting to dismantle police departments.

But, these vague accusations aren’t holding much water.

One of the most obvious examples was recently when Fox News’ Peter Doocy questioned White House press secretary Jen Psaki on which specific Republicans want to defund the police.

Her answer, well…wasn’t exactly clear. In fact, she couldn’t even name one specific politician in the Republican Party that supported her thesis.

She instead tried to blame the last administration for cutting funding for the COPS program and claimed other Republicans supported that. She doubled down on her vague claims, but she couldn’t name any specific names.

Watch the full exchange below: