‘It Should Piss Off Every American!’ Lawmaker at Border Tells of Girls Being Gang Raped

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Rep. Kat Cammack (R-FL) described horrific conditions at the Mexican border during an interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“It should piss every American off,” the angry lawmaker told Starnes. Listen to the full interview below.

Cammack was returning from a 48-hour visit to the border with Republican colleagues on the House Homeland Security committee and the Agriculture committee.


The freshman lawmaker said she “saw first-hand young girls under the age of 10 that had been gang raped.”

“The cartels control the border,” she said. “If you are coming to the United States, you pay the cartel. They are making so much money. This is unconscionable – the human trafficking that is taking place.”

Cammack said that conditions along our southern border are a travesty.

“This is a crisis and the fact that this administration is too spineless to call it what it is – that right there tells you they are not fit to lead and that’s why we have to take the House back and the White House in four years,” she said.

Listen to the full interview below: