Jen Kerns: Democrats Are Going to Have Mighty Hard Time Winning in 2020

Conservative commentator Jen Kerns said Democrats are quick to accuse President Donald Trump of wrongdoing, but that many of their claims are absent from the two articles of impeachment unveiled this week.

“I think what’s most critical today is what’s missing from the articles of impeachment,” Kerns told The Todd Starnes Show on Tuesday. “Bribery is one of them. Going around Congress is another. A lot of things that are missing.”

“Mentally unfit – we’ve been hearing that since the day he was elected,” Kerns stated. “According to Maxine Watters, that was going to be in the articles of impeachment as well.”

“Those things are all missing. That tells you the Democrats don’t have a strong case here,” she told Starnes. Check out Kerns’ full interview here.

Kerns said Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s press conference several weeks ago accused President Trump of bribery and admitting to bribery.

“That’s missing today from the articles of impeachment,” Kerns continued.

“This whole scheme of impeachment that the Democrats have run … it’s been a lot of conjecture,” she said. “Most Americans can agree, the president’s call might have raised some eyebrows, but it was nothing even close to impeachment.”

“The Democrats would be wise to actually go the censure route.”

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Kerns said there are dozens of House Democrats representing districts that then-candidate Trump won by wide margins in 2016. If those Democrats support the impeachment, “they’re going to have a mighty hard time getting re-elected in 2020,” she added.