“Joe Biden is saddled with a declining mental faculty,” Rep. Mo Brooks tells Todd Starnes

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STARNES: On the Liberty University newsmaker line – our good friend from the great state of Alabama, Congressman Mo Brooks. Congressman, yesterday President Biden, holding a press event and he forgot the name of his defense secretary – he could not remember. We have not been mocking this president or making fun of whatever condition he might have. But are you concerned about the cognitive decline that we are seeing in this president?

BROOKS: Absolutely. No question. It’s unfortunate, but it often happens with people of Joe Biden’s age. Normally, it’s in people who are older in their eighties, maybe nineties. But Joe Biden, for whatever reason, is, saddled with a declining mental faculty.

Listen to Todd interview Rep. Brooks:

BROOKS: He’s certainly not as sharp as he was (garbled) ago. I wish it wasn’t that way, but that’s just the nature of life.

STARNES: Who do you think is really calling the shots inside the White House?

BROOKS: That’s a very good question. I would imagine that it’s governance by committee and individual members in the White House – staffers would have varying degrees of influence. I suspect that there’s not one person that is governing the White House right now, rather a (garbled) with again that varying degrees of influence and power over a president United States who just does not have the mental acumen he had not that long ago.

STARNES: Alright, well, it’s troubling and we’ll see how that plays out.

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