John Cusack Says U.S. Is ‘F–king Awful,’ ‘We Have No Leaders’

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John Cusack went on a profanity-laced, anti-American Twitter rant this week.

The 54-year-old actor, who has a net worth of more than $50 million, called the nation “f–king awful — full of cowards and corporate whores.”

“If Mr. Cusak hates America so much he more than welcome to move to Iran or Saudi Arabia,” national radio host Todd Starnes said. “I’m certain his brand of filth will be received with open arms by the ‘tolerant’ Muslims.”

He was triggered by support for troops at a sporting event.

Cusack tweeted: “I was at a ballpark last night. And they did their support the troops ad – that conflate Boeing with troops serving – while supporting the gop – that means funding the insurrection – anti democratic forces – the opposite of what they claim to support – ‘US freedom- ‘”

He claimed Boeing, which donated more to President Biden than it did to President Trump, “is ok – with overturning elections – and denying the right to vote to its black and brown service members.”

The liberal actor said the country is “decadent on the fast track to autocracy – living on the atavistic fumes” of the Greatest Generation, “which took on fascism and beat it down.”

“We can’t even arrest open criminals in gop- nor a mentally ill white supremacist lawless thug,” the unsettled actor harped. “They preach freedom at baseball games – but back insurrectionist coups and the overturning of elections – abc the party that would take away black and brown Americans right to vote. Yet they get to wrap themselves in the flag?”

The “Say Anything” star has been a vocal anti-Trump celebrity.

“We aren’t great – we aren’t even mediocre – we’re f–king awful – full of cowards and corporate whores,” he said. “Boeing gets to take out tax dollars – parade our soldiers – wrap themselves in the flag – while financially backing fascists? We have no leaders – no soul – Just greed.”

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