John Solomon: Dems Launched a Nullification Campaign Against Trump

Democrats are going all out to try to make sure President Donald Trump isn’t able to run again, Just the News founder John Solomon said on the “Todd Starnes Show.”

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Is the FBI raid politically motivated?

The Department of Justice submitted its redactions to the court Thursday that allowed FBI agents to raid Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate, according to multiple reports.

“If you take the Democrats at their word, we don’t have to guess that they’re executing a nullification strategy to try to get Donald Trump out,” Solomon told host Todd Starnes.

“And it’s really interesting to me,” he added. “If Joe Biden beat Donald Trump as handily as he did, why would you be worried about Donald Trump coming back and running against them again? You would think he’d want to do it. Something has made Joe Biden and the Democrats concerned about a Trump candidacy that they’re going through all these machinations. And I guess we’ll find out what happens as history unfolds.”


Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

STARNES: [00:20:59] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line always an honor to have one of the greatest journalists in America with us. John Solomon, from Just the news, JustTheNews.com. John, you have been breaking all sorts of stories about the raid, the guns-drawn raid on Mar a Lago. Good to have you with us today. 

SOLOMAN: Honored to be with you, Todd. Thanks for having me join. 

STARNES: John, let’s just jump right into this. You were the one who broke the news about these memos. You know, Biden, early on said, “Did know anything about it.” White House says, “We didn’t have any involvement.” But you found the memos that showed that was not exactly true. 

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SOLOMAN: Yeah, that’s exactly right. From the beginning of this investigation in April of 2022, which is the flash point for the FBI to open a criminal investigation against the former president. Joe Biden, His White House, and his White House counsel were in direct conversations with the Justice Department. And even perhaps, more importantly, they authorized the initial release of evidence that would give the Justice Department predicate to go in and investigate. There is a letter from the National Archives that show the National Archives, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the Biden White House had a set of conversations, and Joe Biden authorized, through the White House counsel, the sending of some of the documents that were found at Mar a Lago to the FBI. Then the White House Counsel’s Office conveyed to the National Archives, that President Biden won’t invoke or recognize executive privilege for President Trump. There’s a great legal question of whether he can do that, but he won’t recognize it. And you can you the archives can waive is a privilege and tell that to the FBI and that happened. So the Biden White House gives the initial evidence to open a criminal investigation against their chief political rival and then takes away one of the potential legal challenges or legal defenses that that former president, the current head of the opposition party, might have in the court system. And the traditional news media can’t come to grips with that. They’re trying to find everything they can to write about this matter without having to mention that. But Joe Biden was at the ignition point is White House was at the ignition point of this, a criminal investigation of his chief rival.

STARNES: And as you point out, in a brand new story that’s up here and I find this fascinating because I’ve been looking at Biden’s administration as Obama’s third term in office. And you point out that the whole legal path for the Trump raid was set by Barack Obama.

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SOLOMAN: Yes. So this is a very important thing. So for most of the time since 9/11, for at least for the first decade after 9/11, the prevailing rule, or the prevailing executive regulation that governed the executive privilege of former presidents, went something like this. The former president retains the executive privilege. He and the current president can choose to mutually waive or invoke it. But if the former president wants to claim executive privilege over materials from his administration and the current incumbent president disagrees, the former president gets the final say. That’s basically what the executive order did. When Barack Obama came in, he changed that dynamic and basically took the prerogative of the former president to preserve executive privilege and say, it’s mine to waive. I’m God on this the President’s the only one that gets to do this. And I can waive or uphold the executive privilege of my predecessors. And nobody noticed. It was kind of a little-noticed change among four or 500 executive orders that Barack Obama did when he first came in. That executive order was never changed. The Trump administration didn’t go back and change it. And so the reason Joe Biden can say I’m piercing the privilege of Donald Trump is Barack Obama made the change. He made the change. And that’s the prevailing rule. Now, there’s a great question constitutionally whether that is going to withhold scrutiny. The president can sign an executive order doesn’t mean that it’s constitutional. People like Alan Dershowitz, by the way, a lifelong liberal, a lifelong Democrat who admits he voted for Joe Biden in 2020, would never vote for Donald Trump, says he thinks that Biden’s piercing of the privilege is completely unconstitutional, will not hold up when it gets to the Supreme Court. So, the fact that Obama changed it, Biden used it. We’ll have to see if this gets to the Supreme Court and we get a different decision on it. 

STARNES:  I mean, John, you’ve been doing this for a long time now. You know, everybody inside the beltway. Where do you what do you think the end game of all of this is talking about the raid on Mar a Lago? It looks to me like they’re just trying to find something to stop Trump from running in 2024.

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SOLOMAN: Certainly that’s what the Trump team feels like. And I think when you look at some of the statements that people around the Democratic Party have made, people like Marc Elias, the great Democratic lawyer that, you know, is involved in everything Democrats from Hillary Clinton to Joe Biden. He says they’re trying to create a nullification strategy. We want to nullify Donald Trump’s candidacy. And I do want to remind people of something. The Democrats have this theory that even if someone was convicted of a crime and I’m not suggesting that’s where this ends, they can’t run. But Lyndon LaRouche ran for president from prison numerous times, and the courts never stopped him. So I’m not even sure about the legal theory the Democrats put out there. Certainly, historically, it hasn’t been upheld or withheld. But if you take the Democrats at their word, we don’t have to guess that they’re executing a nullification strategy to try to get Donald Trump out. And it’s really interesting to me. If Joe Biden beat Donald Trump as handily as he did. Why would you be worried about Donald Trump coming back and running against them again? You would think he’d want to do it. Something has made Joe Biden and the Democrats concerned about a Trump candidacy that they’re going through all these machinations. And I guess we’ll find out what happens as history unfolds. 

STARNES: What do you think that is? What do you think that something is? 

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SOLOMAN:  Listen, there is a fundamental transformation of the two political parties right now, the working class, those who aren’t four and eight year four or six or eight-year graduates of the college, they’re gravitating to the Republican Party in large numbers. The Latino Hispanic voter that has been predominantly in the Democratic camp moving to the Republican Party in large numbers. So the working class, Hispanic class, and younger African-American voters were more willing to open the open to Republicans and the entrepreneurial free market side of the Republican Party. The Democratic base is eroding and they’re inheriting the. But guess what? There aren’t enough elitists in the country to create a national coalition to win elections in the future. So if the Latinos, both as they are, if the suburban women who left in 2020 come back, and if the working class has left the Democratic Party in a large way, the Democrats have a worry about the base of their party. They may not have an electoral base capable of winning. Now, we’re going to see if that’s true in the November election and the voters will speak and we’ll find out. But when you talk to Democrats who really do the counting and you hear people like, you know, the former Clinton strategist from 1990, Jim Carville among them, they know their party has moved so far to the left that they can’t communicate with enough Americans to create a majority. They keep warning about it. Now, let’s see if those predictions come true. 

STARNES: It’s a great, great observation. John, we’re going to have to leave it there. We appreciate your great work and thanks for staying on top of these stories the mainstream media doesn’t want to cover.

SOLOMAN: It’s an honor to be on your show. Thanks so much, Todd. 

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