Jordan Tells Starnes: ‘Americans Are Actually Fearful of Their Government’

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Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) told national radio host Todd Starnes “Americans are actually fearful of their government” because of the Biden administration.

Stepping out of the House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General Merrick Garland Thursday, Jordan spoke about the Department of Justice going after parents concerned about what is being taught in schools.

“As I said in my opening statement,” Jordan said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “For the first time, Americans are actually fearful of their government and that is such a sad state of affairs. But that’s what happens when you get this administration and this Justice Department.”

Garland was grilled for issuing a memo directing the FBI and other Justice Department officials to get involved in local school board debates just five days after the National School Board Association sent a letter to President Biden which referred to concerned parents as the equivalent of “domestic terrorists and perpetrators of hate crimes.”

Jordan told Starnes: “I asked [Garland] what was the evidence? What was the data you reviewed before you sent this memo out talking about an uptick in violence and threats happening at school board meetings? What was it? Guess what his only evidence was? The actual School Board Association’s letter to Joe Biden…But he does a memo. Five days later, the only evidence being the letter itself and some press reports about the letter. That’s what he said on the record. So you talk about a DOJ that is political. This is as political as it gets.”

At the beginning of the hearing, Republican members were refused by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to play a video of parents at school boards. You can watch that video here.


Below is a rushed transcript from Rep. Jim Jordan’s interview on the Todd Starnes Show Thursday:

STARNES: [01:00:31] I want to go right now to the Patriot mobile newsmaker line. We’re honored to have with us a great American patriot and author of of a terrific book called Do What You Said You Would Do. Talking about our good friend, the gentleman from Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan. Congressman, good to have you with us today. [01:00:48][16.7]

JORDAN: [01:00:49] Hey, Todd, thanks for thanks for mentioning the book. Readers can get it now at Barnes & Noble or our Amazon, but I think I think they’ll enjoy the read. It’s about the House Freedom Caucus. It’s about these key investigations we’ve had over the years the Benghazi IRS and of course, a lot about President Trump and just unbelievable job he did when he was commander in chief in the United States. So I look forward to that. But you’re right, this this hearing was this hearing is amazing. It’s still going on. I’m going to I’m going to run back in there and a little bit, but still going on. [01:01:15][26.5]

STARNES: [01:01:16] And just to say about the book cover, I can tell it as a serious book because you’re in your formal attire, that is the shirt sleeves down, not rolled up, down. So. [01:01:23][7.6]

JORDAN: [01:01:24] Exactly right. [01:01:25][0.5]

STARNES: [01:01:26] Well, we’ve got it. We have a link to your book on our live show blog. Congressman, I know folks are going to want to read that. Whether we were playing a lot of the back and forth earlier today between you and the attorney general and the Democrats who refused to let you guys play that, that that. VIDEO What was in the video that triggered the Democrats, [01:01:45][19.0]

JORDAN: [01:01:45] Todd moms and dads speaking at school board meetings. That’s all that it was, and they refused to play. But I think this is emblematic of the censorship we now see from the left and right into when they question Attorney General Garland, I asked him What was the evidence? What was the data you reviewed before you sent this memo out? Talking about an uptick in violence and threats happening at school board means what was it? Guess what his only evidence was? The actual school board associations letter to Joe Biden took a political left-wing political group can write a letter to the president United States. Five days later, you do a memo that’s going to chill the speech of parents and limit their ability to and their willingness and their because they’re going to be, I think, intimidated by some of this. Maybe, although in the end, I don’t think they’re going to be. But he does a memo. Five days later, the only evidence being the letter itself and some press reports about the letter. That’s what he said on the record. So you talk about a DOJ that is political. This is as political as it gets. [01:02:44][58.7]

STARNES: [01:02:45] And not only that, there is reporting out there, congressman that Merrick Garland, son in law, is the co-founder of an educational group that has close ties and great support for the critical race theory movement. [01:02:56][11.4]

JORDAN: [01:02:57] Yep, yep. And he didn’t talk to the ethics that he’s the ethics counsel in the Department of Justice that is supposed to. If you’re going to do something that could have some benefit to a family. They didn’t do that. Didn’t consult with anyone about any data. Just took the word of the School Boards Association and launches this memo. And then we ask him this, his memo says in all four, 94 and all 94 U.S. attorney districts, federal judicial districts around the country, he says they’re supposed to be a meeting convened within 30 days of the issuance of that memorandum. So since October 4th, within the next 30 days, a meeting between FBI and local local leaders. And we ask how many of those meetings have taken place? If this is so darn important that you had to rush out and do it five days later. How many of those meetings have taken place? ‘I don’t know’ was his answer. I mean, this is. And you wonder why parents are fired up and you wonder why, you know, people are for the first time, I think as I said in my opening statement, for the first time, Americans are actually fearful of their government and that is such a sad state of affairs. But that’s what’s happened. What happens when you get this administration and this Justice Department? [01:03:57][60.4]

STARNES: [01:03:58] You’re right. And I go all the way back to the Obama years when I was when I was working at Fox News, I got audited by the Internal Revenue Service not once, but twice. I went to our legal department at Fox and I’m like, You know, hey, look, I don’t make Bill O’Reilly money here. What’s what can I do? And they said, Get in line. They’re coming after all of us. And and now the average American is seeing this with this draconian order that Garland put out. [01:04:22][24.6]

JORDAN: [01:04:23] Yeah. Well, and it’s a pattern, because remember, Joe Biden criticizes the Georgia election law change is going to bring integrity back to our election process. Joe Biden criticizes that a couple of months later, the Merrick Garland Justice Department filed suit against Georgia a few days a few weeks back. Joe Biden criticized the Texas pro-life law a few days, eight days. In fact, after that, the Garland Justice Department brings suit against Texas. And now we have this example. On September 29th, the School Board Association writes a letter to the president. Five days later, Merrick Garland issues a memo. That’s how this is supposed to, that that is as wrong as it gets. And they actually had the gall. They actually had the gall at the start of this hearing to say, Oh, it’s refreshing because the Trump Justice Department was political and I’m like, You’ve got to be kidding me. So again, the left always accuses us of what they’re doing. [01:05:11][47.6]

STARNES: [01:05:12] Biden’s approval rating is dropping like a rock at an all time low. A majority of Americans don’t even think he’s the one calling the shots. I’m wondering what the scuttlebutt is there up on Capitol Hill, who do they think is really running the show up there? Sixteen hundred Pennsylvania Avenue. [01:05:27][15.2]

JORDAN: [01:05:28] Number one question I get is that question. I mean, a few years ago, the number one question used to be, you know, who when is someone going to jail because of all the crazy stuff that the FBI was doing and everything else. Now the number one question is who’s running the show? Who’s in charge? And you know, it’s a sad state of affairs, but you’ve seen certain press, press, press events that the president does, very few that he actually does. But when he does the and it’s just it’s it’s sad that that’s that’s what’s happened to our great country. I don’t know. I don’t know who who’s all making the decisions. But whoever it is, they’re certainly bad. We have not seen a worse administration, 10 months of the worse policies. The worst outcomes. Crime is up. The borders, a mess. We don’t have respect around the world. Rockets being fired on our friend and ally Israel. We used to be energy independent. Now we have the spectacle of the president of United States begging OPEC to increase production. It is, but that’s just the nature of the Joe Biden is a reason he’s at 37 percent approval, you know. [01:06:27][59.0]

STARNES: [01:06:28] Well, you’re right about that. And and then, you know, thank you Louie Gohmert going after the attorney general and ask him some hard hitting questions about what happened on one six, President Trump posted a statement. A very succinct pithy is Bill O’Reilly would say. He said the insurrection happened on Election Day. What happened on January the 6th was, was the protest. Do you agree with his assessment? [01:06:51][23.5]

JORDAN: [01:06:53] Well, this idea that the Democrats are so obsessed with this, calling it an insurrection? No one. I mean, look, the violence that happened on that day, the people who did that, they should be prosecuted. And they are. But the Democrats the Democrats have taken if they want to call insurrection, no one’s been charged with insurrection. No one’s been charged with with with treason. But that’s all the Democrats say. And today they’re going to go after someone who simply wants the issue of whether he has to comply with a subpoena issued by this totally political group. Nine Democrats running this. Republicans weren’t allowed to be on the group nine Democrats in this this committee, the select committee you want that litigated because there’s an important legal questions there and they’re going to go, No, no, no, we’re going to hold you in contempt. And last week, Joe Biden said he could be prosecuted. If you don’t, you should be prosecuted if you don’t comply with these subpoenas from this completely, totally completely political select committee. [01:07:39][46.6]

STARNES: [01:07:40] But do we have any indication when that vote is going to take place about? [01:07:43][2.9]

JORDAN: [01:07:44] Yeah, it’s going to be this afternoon, this [01:07:45][1.1]

STARNES: [01:07:46] afternoon and those nine Democrats are you include a Cheney on that list. I’m just really shocked by some of the statements coming out from her lately. [01:07:52][6.7]

JORDAN: [01:07:53] Yeah. Well, like I said, nine Democrats. Yeah, there’s seven Republicans and then just people, two to two other folks on there. And I always [01:08:01][7.8]

STARNES: [01:08:01] I’m a little slow on the uptake today, Congressman Mike, [01:08:04][2.3]

JORDAN: [01:08:04] but that’s fine. [01:08:06][1.3]

STARNES: [01:08:07] Well, congressman, congratulations on the book and you and I share a publisher together and they do a great job and we’re very excited for you. Do what you said you would do. Our folks got to get a copy of that and we’ve got a link at the live show blog. Congressman, appreciate you taking time. I know you’re busy today. We appreciate the great work you do for the country. [01:08:24][17.4]

JORDAN: [01:08:25] You too. I take care about other things. [01:08:26][1.2]

STARNES: [01:08:26] All right. Congressman Jim Jordan right there. And it is a he’s not kidding. It is a busy day up on Capitol Hill. [01:08:34][7.2]

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