Kamala Harris Says Voters ‘Got What They Asked For’ Electing Her, Biden

Vice President Kamala Harris went off script during the Black History Month celebration at the White House Monday, and it did not go well for her.

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Did voters get what they want with Biden-Harris?

This was moments after First Lady Jill Biden slipped and introduced Harris as “president” before correcting herself and saying it was a joke.

“Elections matter,” Harris told attendees. “And when folks vote, they order what they want, and in this case, they got what they asked for.”

Harris added with a laugh: “I went off script a little bit.”

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Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded, “The American people didn’t ask for any of this:

Record Inflation
Record border crisis
Closed schools
A war on American energy
Afghanistan disaster
Russia invasion of Ukraine”

Below are other reactions to Harris’s remarks.