Ketanji Brown Jackson Laughs, Says She Doesn’t Know When Life Begins

Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson said she doesn’t know when life begins after Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) pressed her on Tuesday.

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Is Ketanji Brown Jackson qualified to be on the Supreme Court?

“When does life begin, in your opinion?” Kennedy asked.

“Senator, um, I don’t know,” Jackson said with a nervous laugh. “I don’t know.”

Kennedy then asked when “equal protection of the laws” applies to a human being.

“Well, Senator, I believe that the Supreme Court, um, actually, I don’t know the answer to that question,” she said.

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National radio host Todd Starnes has some advice for Jackson.

“Hey Judge Jackson – you just admitted you don’t know when life begins. So would it not be prudent to ban all abortions until you find out?” Starnes tweeted.

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