Kimberly Guilfoyle: Reckoning is Coming in 2024

A reckoning against the Biden administration’s weaponized justice system is coming after all the indictments against former President Trump will be overturned, Kimberly Guilfoyle told the “Todd Starnes Show” Tuesday. Click here to follow Todd on LinkedIn.

The former adviser to Trump slammed the Georgia district attorney for leaking the indictment before the jury was able to vote on it.

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“All of this will be overturned. It really will,” Guilfoyle told host Todd Starnes. “But the problem is it shouldn’t be happening and that’s why the reckoning is going to be coming when Trump is re-elected in 2024. He has to and he will restore integrity in our justice system — the DOJ and IRS, FBI, CIA, anything that’s got like three letters in it.”

The host of “The Kimberly Guilfoyle Show” on Rumble slammed Fulton County DA Fani Willis for laughing Monday night about the indictment.

“They’re talking about putting the best president this country has ever had in prison for 400-plus-some-odd years or more, it’s adding up by the minute, and they’re just laughing about all this like they think this is funny,” she said.

“Imagine if they did this to Barack Obama. Oh my gosh! Can you imagine the outrage?” Guilfoyle said.

Despite the legal battle, she said Trump is doing well, even calling the indictments “reverse kryptonite.”

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Guilfoyle called for the Republicans running against Trump to drop out of the primary and to endorse Trump.

“This is all just theatrics. It’s just helping the three-ring circus of the leftwing lunatics and these Democrats that are out to get President Trump. We should all combine and go together to actually support him and run for the general election now,” she concluded. “Unless you want them to continue destroying this country.”

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