Fox News Owner: ‘We Don’t Need to Go Further Right’

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If you think Fox News Channel has gone to the dark side, wait until you see what happens next.

Fox Media owner Lachlan Murdoch told Deadline that he’s just fine with the direction of the once conservative news channel.

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“We believe where we are targeted, to the center-right, is exactly where we should be targeted. We don’t need to go further right. We don’t believe America is further right,” he said. “And we are obviously not going to pivot left.”

In recent days the network has been rocked by high-level departures of well-known conservatives like Lou Dobbs, Trish Regan and Heather Childers. Fox also chose not to renew my contract – replacing me with a Never Trump, cultural leftist.

“In the journalism business, the journalism trade, you work out what your market is and you produce your best product you can possibly produce for that target market,” Murdoch said.

“The success of Fox News throughout its entire history has been to provide the absolute best news and opinion for a market we believe is firmly center-right. And we don’t pivot or change that. And we haven’t pivoted or changed that throughout the history of Fox News. So, we’ll continue to provide the best journalism with the best hosts with the best analysis with the best opinions going forward, as we have throughout the past news cycles.”

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