‘Let’s Go Brandon’ Gains Popularity Among Voters: Poll

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As President Biden’s poll numbers tank, the chant “Let’s Go Brandon” has only gained popularity among voters, according to a new poll.

A majority of Americans, 57.7 percent, are familiar with the chant of “Let’s Go Brandon” or “F–k Joe Biden” that have popped up at sporting events across the country, according to a national survey conducted by the Convention of States in partnership with The Trafalgar Group.

Of those voters familiar with the chants, 75.9 percent say it is an appropriate way to protest the Biden administration.

“This data reveals that the phenomenon we’re seeing everywhere in this great nation is real, widespread, and has support from the people across party lines,” Mark Meckler, President of Convention of States Action, said.

“The Great American Pushback has begun and it’s going to grow,” Meckler added. “Americans have never taken well to tyranny, and they are not going to start now.”

Rapper Bryson Gray released the song, “Let’s Go Brandon (feat. Tyson James & Chandler Crump),” which shot to No. 1 on iTunes, bumping off Adele.

Former President Trump was seen smiling as fans at the World Series game chanted “Let’s Go Brandon” and Kid Rock recently said it as the Grand Marshal for the All American 400 NASCAR race in Nashville over the weekend.

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