Lewandowski: White House Staff Made ‘Critical, Inexcusable’ Mistakes on Porter Scandal

Corey Lewandowski came out swinging on the Todd Starnes Radio Show – refuting accusations from White House staffers that he was responsible for smearing disgraced ex-staffer Rob Porter.

Porter, the White House staff secretary, was forced out of his job after allegations surfaced that he had abused his ex-wives. Those allegations were reportedly the reason why he was not given final security clearance by the FBI.

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“People want to attack me, disparage me. Maybe you should look internally at the failures of what you are doing,” Lewandowski said on the nationally-syndicated radio show. “Stop blaming other people.”

“The critical mistake was that General Kelly and Sarah Huckabee Sanders put out these steadfast statements supporting Mr. Porter before all of the facts of the case were know. I think the biggest mistake was from the Communications team,” Lewandowski said.

He said the botched handling of the issue by the White House staff put the president in a very bad situation.

There are “multiple indications that people in the building had been made aware of this for at least the better part of six months or longer.”

“That is the inexcusable part,” he said.

Lewandowski would not go so far as to suggest General Kelly should be ousted – but he say the buck stops at the Chief of Staff’s office.

“At the end of the day the Chief of Staff is the one responsible for the staff of the White House and I think it’s fair to say this particular issue was not handled to the best of the White House’s ability,” he said.

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