LIAR! Liz Cheney Falsely Accuses Rep. Mark Green of Calling Trump ‘Orange Jesus’

Congresswoman Liz Cheney is out with a new book and it’s filled with brutal attacks on her Republican colleagues.

CNN obtained an exclusive copy of “Oath and Honor.” And there’s one particular passage that is generating lots of media attention within the political world.

The disgraced ex-congresswoman from Wyoming alleges Tennessee Congressman Mark Green called President Trump “Orange Jesus.”

“Among them was Republican Congressman Mark Green of Tennessee,” Cheney wrote. “As he moved down the line, signing his name to the pieces of paper, Green said sheepishly to no one in particular, ‘The things we do for the Orange Jesus.’”

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I reached out to Congressman Green and he assured me that he was not the person who made the Orange Jesus comment.

“I heard the statement,” he said. We were in a crowded room, but it wasn’t me.”

Did Ms. Cheney bother to verify who mocked President Trump? Did she reach out to Congressman Green to give him an opportunity to respond?

What about the editor’s of her book? Did they take the time to confirm her allegations or did they just accept her allegations as the gospel truth?

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At best, Ms. Cheney was simply mistaken. At worst, she intentionally lied about a congressman who is a being looked at as a future conservative leader in the party. Sounds to me like a professional hit job. Character assassination.

 At the very least the congressman is owed a public apology. Although, the truth is that most Americans won’t even bother to read Ms. Cheney’s Book of Lies.

Do you believe Liz Cheney is lying about Rep. Mark Green?

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