LIVE: Watch Todd Starnes Show Election Results

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UPDATE 8:58 P.M.

Former Vice President Mike Pence Congratulates Youngkin for “HUGE Victory!”

UPDATE 8:47 P.M.

BREAKING: Decision Desk HQ Projects Youngkin to Win Virginia Race

UPDATE 8:30 P.M.

BREAKING: Cook Political Report Editor Calls Virginia Race for Youngkin

UPDATE 8:03 P.M.

Dem-Heavy Fairfax County Says They Need to Rescan Votes, No Results Tonight

UPDATE 7:57 P.M.

Pay attention, America. This is where the steal will happen.

UPDATE 7:39 P.M.

Fairfax County is a major Democrat stronghold. If there is voter fraud — it could happen in Fairfax county.

Virginia election officials issue terse statement demanding that unmasked voters be allowed to cast ballots.