LIZ HARRINGTON: Biden’s Endorsement is the ‘Kiss of Death’

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As President Biden’s policies continue to raise prices for Americans, Trump-endorsed candidates continue to win ahead of impending ‘red wave,’ Liz Harrington said on the Todd Starnes Show.

TODD STARNES: [01:35:58] Let’s go right to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, a good friend of this program, Liz Harrington from Team Trump. Liz, how is it going today? [01:36:07][8.7]

LIZ HARRINGTON: [01:36:08] Hey Todd, it’s going good. How about you? [01:36:10][1.7]

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STARNES: [01:36:11] Liz, I’m doing well. I got to brag on your little one. The most beautiful baby in all of America. [01:36:16][5.5]

HARRINGTON: [01:36:18] Oh, you’re far too kind. She is pretty cute, though, I must say. [01:36:22][4.3]

STARNES: [01:36:24] What a blessing. What a blessing. [01:36:25][1.5]

HARRINGTON: [01:36:26] She really is. [01:36:27][0.7]

Would you vote for a candidate because Trump endorsed them?

STARNES: [01:36:27] So, Liz, today, a big day, a lot of primaries. President Trump putting out a lot of endorsements. I was telling somebody, you know, if the president had that batting average, he’d be in the World Series. I mean, it’s pretty remarkable. [01:36:41][13.4]

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HARRINGTON: [01:36:43] Oh, it’s incredible. It’s definitely you know, Ted Williams territory if not better. I mean, it’s unbelievable. He knows how to pick winners. He really does. And it’s so important, because we need strong candidates to win these primaries. We can’t have the rhinos, we can’t have, you know, the weak people that just will not serve the American people once they get in there. We’ve seen it time and time again, just the betrayal after betrayal. And so, yeah, another big day we got California, he is endorsing good candidates there, lots of people up for reelection. We know we have some good members of Congress that we want to keep in there. And so it’s going to be another, I think, good day for President Trump. Like you said, the record is unmatched in history and the request for endorsement is unmatched in history. I mean, I have to tell you, everyone wants this endorsement. I don’t think there’s a similar demand for Joe Biden, who, in fact, I think is like 0 for 1, gave out one endorsement. That right there shows you, hmm, I wonder, like, who’s the most popular according to vote? It certainly doesn’t sound like the guy who nobody wants his endorsement. And it would be a kiss of death if he came to campaign for them like Joe Biden would be. [01:38:09][86.7]

STARNES: [01:38:10] Liz, I mean, you’re absolutely right. And President Biden out there, even Stacey Abrams from Georgia, has been putting a lot of distance between herself and the Biden administration and the reports now leaking out about the amount of unrest and people leaving, the confusion, and the chaos. This is clearly an administration that is in peril and it’s looking like the Republicans, thanks to President Trump, are going to have a good midterm election. [01:38:40][29.5]

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HARRINGTON: [01:38:41] Oh, absolutely. I mean, look at the chaos and they’re just flailing. I mean, I just looked up at the TV and they’ve got Matthew McConaughey in the White House briefing room. I mean, to push for gun control, it’s just it’s so desperate. They can’t distract any more from just the complete and utter destruction that they’ve wrought on our great country. I mean, the gas prices, the food prices, we’ve got the biggest caravan ever headed for our border. Obviously, we’ve got, you know, war in Ukraine. That would have never happened under President Trump. I mean, there’s so much chaos, and I guess it should be chaos in this White House also because they don’t know anything. They don’t know what they’re doing or if they do, that’s worse, which I think it may be the latter. I mean, you wouldn’t do these things otherwise. I mean, you wouldn’t shut off oil and natural gas leases, the biggest ones in Alaska and the Gulf at a time of record high gas prices, unless you were intentionally trying to, you know, keep gas prices high. I mean, while Americans are suffering and hurting and now they’re using the Defense Production Act for solar panels, I mean, this is out of control. This is what regimes do in third world countries. And Americans are sick and tired of it. I think, you know, we got to get a free and fair election this midterm because it’s going to be the biggest red wave we’ve ever seen. [01:40:18][97.4]

STARNES: [01:40:19] It’s going to be incredible. And even folks on CNN are now saying and acknowledging that this is going to be devastating for the Democrats, which it should be. Liz, very excited to hear President Trump coming to my hometown and folks around Memphis are just so excited to welcome the president to the Landers Center. I just hope, Liz, that maybe you could put in a good word, he’s got to have some ribs and I’ve got to be the guy to tell him where to go to get the ribs. [01:40:51][31.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:40:53] I’ll try to make that happen for you, Todd. I mean, he’d love to see you. I know he’s a big fan of your show. It’s always great to be going to some of these great cities and great places. He loves it. This is another one of these good events he’s done every couple of months or so, I believe. It’s a great American Freedom tour, and he’ll give a great speech to a great crowd. I mean, the energy is just unbelievable and people are just so hungry for his leadership. They miss it. They want it, and so all these events, it’s a great time as you get a chance to go. If you’re in the area, absolutely go and I’ll see if I can get you to see. Mr. President, when you’re down there, Todd. [01:41:42][49.1]

STARNES: [01:41:42] We’ll bring some central barbecue and introduce him to the wonderful world of banana pudding. [01:41:47][4.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:41:51] Sounds delicious! [01:41:51][0.1]

STARNES: [01:41:53] Alright, Liz. Well, look, we always appreciate the great work you do and we look forward to getting you back on soon. [01:41:59][5.9]

HARRINGTON: [01:42:00] Thanks so much, Todd [01:42:00][0.3]

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