Liz Harrington: Seems Like Biden Is Intentionally Hurting America

Liz Harrington, former President Trump’s spokesperson, told the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday the Biden administration is doing all it can to “hurt our own citizens” in addition to the chaos abroad.

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Is Biden intentionally hurting Americans?

Host Todd Starnes asked Harrington about President Biden’s State of the Union, which he called a “dumpster fire” in an op-ed.

“Everything’s a disaster, like you just said it’s a total dumpster fire,” she said. “But it’s really scary times, honestly. And when you look at all the different things domestically and abroad, there’s nothing going well right now. And the real scary thing is, all of these things seem to be by design to hurt America.”

Harrington concluded: “They’re doing everything they can to not just cause turmoil and chaos around the world, but to hurt our own citizens.”


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Starnes: [00:44:35] Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Always good to have with us from the Trump team, our good friend Liz Harrington. Liz. Hope you’re doing good. [00:44:41][6.5]

Harrington: [00:44:42] Hey, Todd. I’m good. How are you? [00:44:44][1.5]

Starnes: [00:44:44] You know, I’m I’m doing well and you guys have to be feeling pretty good coming off that huge, huge weekend at CPAC where the president was really given a hero’s welcome. [00:44:54][10.0]

Harrington: [00:44:56] Oh, absolutely. And it was such an incredible speech. I mean, you’re talking about the State of the Union. I mean, that was the State of the Union address. I mean, that’s what’s going on in the country. I mean, there’s no need for Joe Biden to get up there tonight and try to stumble his way through a bunch of lies because President Trump set it all on Saturday. And you’re right, it was incredible reception. I mean, I think it was a ninety seven percent approval rating in CPAC, but it was just a great time and an incredible speech. [00:45:26][29.8]

Speaker 1: [00:45:27] When when you look at all of the problems facing America and my column is up today over on our website, I say the state of the Union is a dumpster fire. What do you think? What do you think the number one issue facing the country is right now? [00:45:41][14.6]

Harrington: [00:45:43] Oh gosh, there’s so many why it has to be, I think, inflation and gas prices. Our border is got to be up there. Our lack of standing in the world after the Afghanistan withdrawal is the turmoil. I mean, what they’re doing on the world stage right now is still dangerous. They’re practically trying to start World War three. It’s totally unnecessary. He abandoned they abandoned all of President Trump’s incredible policies that were working not just for the American people, but for around the world. I mean, we had peace. We had no new wars. And now you look, everything’s a disaster. Like you just said it’s a total dumpster fire. But it’s really scary times, honestly. And when you look at all the different things domestically and abroad, there’s nothing going well right now. And the real scary thing is, all of these things seem to be by design to hurt America. I mean, the decisions they’re making, if they wanted to go against Putin right now, you know what they would do. They’d open up Anwar. They would re-approve the Keystone pipeline. They’d secure our border. They would do these things to make America strong, to make us a net exporter of oil and natural gas like we were under President Trump for the first time. And whatever. I mean, that’s what you would do, but they’re not doing that. They’re doing everything they can to not just cause turmoil and chaos around the world, but to hurt our own citizens. [00:47:11][88.3]

Speaker 1: [00:47:12] And that’s what gets me. Liz, I mean, you’ve got liquor stores that are pulling off the, you know, the Russian made vodka from the shelves and, you know, Paramount or Warner Brothers or pulling the Batman movie from Russian theaters. And look, that’s all well and good. But at the same time, America’s still buying oil and gas from Russia. So we’re right in a way we’re funding what’s happening in Ukraine right now. [00:47:33][21.3]

Harrington: [00:47:34] Exactly right. We gave Putin all the card to play. We totally just handicapped ourselves for no good reason. It’s absolutely absurd. And you’re right, all those moves are just superficial and for propaganda purposes. But the reality and the things that could really be done to hurt Putin and to bring stability, those aren’t being done. And that’s why you have to ask why. Every decision they’ve made from the act, the way they pulled out of Afghanistan, which led to 13 Americans dead and so many more wounded, the way they’ve just dismantled our border, given it entirely away, the way they’re facilitating lawbreaking by sending all these illegal aliens all across the country in the middle of the night. I mean, this is lawlessness. It is out of control. The American people are just so tired of it. They want stability. They want strength. And I think they really want President Donald J. Trump back in the White House. [00:48:39][64.8]

Speaker 1: [00:48:40] Yeah, I’m with you on there. Liz, Liz Harrington, everybody on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Liz, on the issue of Ukraine had a chance to ask the president a question on Saturday, and he is concerned that the Chinese could make a play on Taiwan and and that is a very real possibility because of the lack of leadership coming from the Oval Office. [00:49:06][26.4]

Harrington: [00:49:07] You know, that’s exactly right. And because we don’t have this full leadership, it’s a total vacuum and it’s weakness and projecting this weakness ever since Afghanistan has really emboldened all of our adversaries. They’re on the march. I mean, you wouldn’t you didn’t see this happen under President Trump because he projected strength. He was doing things to make America strong. And everyone knew you couldn’t mess with the United States of America. We wouldn’t hesitate to act. None of those. All of that has gone away. It’s weakness. It’s a bunch of empty words. This fake tough talk to kind of provoke and destabilize the situation with no follow through. And, of course, crippling our energy independence has given all the power to our adversaries. So of course, China is paying attention to what’s going on. And I think after that really self-inflicted wounds in Afghanistan are just giving away two decades of war in just such a disastrous way, with so many lives lost because of that. China is emboldened. Russia is emboldened. That’s why you’re seeing all of these different things happen. And it’s a really perilous time because America is no longer strong because President Donald J. Trump is not in the White House. [00:50:33][86.0]

Speaker 1: [00:50:34] Well, said. All right, Liz, we’re going to leave it. There ought to be very interesting night in Washington, and we always appreciate your kindness coming on the show. [00:50:42][8.0]

Harrington: [00:50:43] Absolutely. Thanks for having me, Todd. [00:50:44][1.0]

Speaker 1: [00:50:45] All right, Liz Harrington, everybody from the Trump campaign. Well, he hasn’t made it official yet, but he’s running. We all know what’s going on. We know the lay of the land there. [00:50:55][10.1]

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