Liz Peek: ‘Dumb Things’ Biden’s Done to Eliminate Trump’s Policies ‘Beyond Measure’

President Biden’s legacy will be eliminating all the policies that former President Trump put in place, columnist Liz Peek said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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JEFF STEIN: [00:43:45] Columnist, former energy research analyst and a brand new piece on LizPeek.com com also on FOXNews.com, which has a word of caution that I think we should all hear. Liz Peek, Jeff Stein in for Todd. Thanks for being with us on the Starnes Show today. How are you? [00:44:01][15.8]

LIZ PEEK: [00:44:02] I’m great. Thank you very much for having me on. [00:44:04][2.3]

JEFF: [00:44:05] You know, I hear a lot of folks on the right who and I’ve used this phrase before. They’re in there measuring the speaker’s office for curtains and trying to decide where their new parking places would be. That is, that’s a fool’s errand, isn’t it? They need to take care of business first. [00:44:21][16.1]


LIZ: [00:44:22] Well, they certainly have to win these elections coming up in November, and I think we will. I think the Republicans are going to take control of the House. I’m hopeful about the Senate. It sort of depends on who the candidates end up being for the Senate. But look, there’s a lot of reasons to be optimistic. Generally speaking, the polling of the president is very important, even in a midterm when he’s not on the ballot. And of course, the polling is truly abysmal for Joe Biden. Other signals that are positive. The generic ballot so-called. When you ask people, who would they rather elect a Republican or a Democrat? The Republicans are up by three or four points, according to the average of polls, and that’s highly unusual. Someone over the weekend described it to me as the resting heart rate of the nation is like, you know, Democrats plus four or five. So it’s a nice, nice sign that people are fed up with the Democrats and their left wing agenda. And there are other indications, too, but I think what you’re referring to as a note of caution, Democrats are not going to give it up without a fight, obviously, and they are engaged in all the usual shenanigans that we come to associate with the Democrats. And right now, the big push is redistricting. You have Eric Holder and in the past President Obama, and I’m sure he’s still involved to some degree, raising a boatload of money to try to redraw the maps and a whole bunch of states. And what we’ve seen is that they’ve gotten so aggressive about trying to basically eliminate Republican seats in states like mine, New York, in Maryland and elsewhere. The judges are saying, No, this is too much. You’ve gone too far. You have to try again. But you know, this hurt. A lot of these contests are going to go to courts. And there’s a Democrat. There are four or five Democrat groups now that are funding the redistricting effort. It’s not just Eric Holder’s group, there are several others, and they’re giving money to judges. They’re giving money to all kinds of people. And honestly, it’s a little worrisome. I mean, I think we’ll prevail, but it’s not going to be as easy as it might. And by the way, here’s a sign of that. It’s interesting to me and I’ve been hearing for weeks, you know, oh, we’re going to pick up 40 seats in the House and I’m kind of like, OK, that sounds great. But in the 2010 midterm election for Barack Obama’s first term, they won. Republicans won 63 seats. And the reason we’re not thinking in such grandiose terms is because of redistricting [00:47:03][161.0]

JEFF: [00:47:05] And potentially vote counting, depending on where we’re at and and what shenanigans might, might be proven. The interesting thing to me is as we look at some of these congressional maps and again, to your point about, well, we’ll pick up 40 seats, identify which seats and put real candidates next to the the R&D on the ballot because those generic ballots are always great for stirring up partisan pride until you actually put names on the ballot and then the actual carry through rate drops precipitously in some districts. [00:47:36][30.7]

LIZ: [00:47:37] Yeah, that’s completely true. The good news is right now and this may not last, but right now internal polling for the GOP shows that the so-called enthusiasm gap. That is to say, which party is more geared up to go vote definitely favors Republicans. And you can understand why. I mean, Joe Biden is bleeding voters with every time he opens his mouth, he loses somebody, it seems to me. But right now, for example, Hispanics who voted more for Donald Trump than they ever have for a Republican candidate in the past and are continuing to move to the right. And that’s very promising because Democrats have actually spent an enormous amount of time and money courting the Hispanic vote. And this whole idiotic move by Biden just a couple of days ago to remove Title 42, which is the sort of health emergency bill that allowed us to actually expel a great many people coming across the border illegally over the past year, like maybe a million people were immediately sent back to Mexico, and they could do that under Title 42, too. So now Biden wants to reverse that, which I think has monumentally stupid. But the reason he’s doing it is just exactly like Obama putting DACA in place. Just before the 2012 election, he knew- excuse me. He knew that Hispanics were beginning to lose confidence in him. He had not worked on immigration reform, which he had promised to do. So he springs DACA kind of out of nowhere. And sure enough, Hispanics backed him into 2012. And I think Biden’s hopeful that this slide to Republicans by Hispanics will be reversed by welcoming all these people that now can come in if he gets rid of Title 42. My contention would be, you know, we’re going to be looking at these horrible videos for the next month or two of this surge of people coming across the border. They’re talking to hundreds of thousands of people. And you know what? They have no plan. They have no idea where they’re going to put these people. It’s going to be horrifying. And Americans, you know, no matter where you are in the political spectrum, nobody likes that. I mean, it’s inhumane and it’s just not secure. There’s all kinds of reasons to oppose an open border, and we should. [00:50:05][147.8]

JEFF: [00:50:06] Liz Peek joining us on the Todd Starnes show, Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. Her latest piece, which you can find at LizPeek.com, also at FOXNews.com, is entitled “Republicans should Dominate Midterms but must be on guard against Democrats Gerrymandering”. Well, with regard to Title 42, it was a Trump era rule, so that’s the main reason why the Biden folks want to get rid of it, if for no other reason. [00:50:30][23.9]

LIZ: [00:50:31] Yeah, I mean, that is honestly Joe’s North Star. The only thing that is coherent about his entire presidency is that he wants to undo everything Donald Trump did. And honestly, it’s kind of tragic because most people, even if they don’t like Donald Trump, most people liked his policies. We did not have a closed border, to be sure, but he really did fix this unbridled flow of people because walking into the country and you know, it’s not just an immigration issue, it’s a fentanyl issue. 100000 people died from drug overdoses last year. Where do those drugs come from? They come from China, and they come across the border in Mexico. So, you know, to have this flood of people, it is harmful to the United States. In so many ways, it’s obviously not the rule of law. But again, all Biden knows is if Trump did something, even the Abraham Accords in the Middle East, which is so crazy to me, we actually had significant diplomatic breakthroughs, putting together, getting together, Israel and a bunch of Gulf Arab states. And Biden on day one overturned that by offending the Saudis, who were on the cusp of maybe joining in that accord, offending the UAE, which actually had actually spearheaded that accord. And so now where are we? Joe Biden wants more oil and OPEC wouldn’t deliver it. The only two countries that can actually increase their production of oil right now are Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and both of those countries are offended by Guess who? Joe Biden. So that’s why it’s not happening. I not, you know, the number of dumb things this president has done in the cause of eliminating Donald Trump is beyond measure [00:52:17][106.1]

JEFF: [00:52:20] With regard to this removal of Title 42. There are so many things, as you accurately noted, wrong with that. From an economic standpoint, what might be the impact if even close to the worst case scenario happens, half the worst case scenario happens? That’s going to have a tremendous impact on our national economy at this point. [00:52:38][18.6]

LIZ: [00:52:39] Well, if you’re talking about, you know, a population the size of Denver or something landing in our country, being basically immediately going on welfare because they don’t have work papers, I’m sure a lot of these people would like to work. They probably intend to do so. But right off the bat, when these people are sent to communities around the country, one of the reasons that Hispanics are negative on this open border concept is guess where they go? They go to Hispanic communities in towns and cities across the country, generally without any warning. You’ve heard these stories about and by the way, I know they’re true because I have friends who have seen this physical people flying into Westchester County Airport in the dead of night when they’re supposed to be closed. I mean, really, you can’t make this up. Anyway, what do they do? They bus these people somewhere. And we, the taxpayers, are supporting them. Well, you know? Yeah, it does have an impact on the other, the other group it impacts other than taxpayers. Same group is low income earners because the jobs these people will eventually get are the jobs that are entry-level that don’t require enormous education or skill sets. And generally speaking, those are the jobs in hospitality and so forth that are just now struggling to come back, that don’t pay terribly well. But this puts downward pressure on those wages. And, you know, that really hurts sort of low income Americans. [00:54:03][83.9]

JEFF: [00:54:05] Excellent insight, as always, thanks so much for taking the time, I’ve enjoyed the conversation. [00:54:09][3.7]

LIZ: [00:54:10] Yes, me too. Thank you so much. [00:54:12][1.3]JEFF: [00:54:13] Liz Peek, friend of this program joining us on the Todd Starnes Show. [00:54:17][4.2]

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