LIZ PEEK: Michelle Obama May Be Gearing Up For A Presidential Run

Columnist Liz Peek joined the Todd Starnes Show and suggested that Michelle Obama may be planning to run for president in 2024.

“By the way, the latest report I’ve got is Michelle Obama is taking a poll of financial types in New York trying to raise money for a run,” Peek told national radio host Todd Starnes while sharing that she believes President Biden will not be the Democrat nominee in 2024.

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Starnes agreed, saying that he’s thought the former first lady would run for president for quite some time.

“So Michelle Obama, you see, she was my dark-horse candidate from day one. I really believe she’s that. And I think she can win, too.”

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STARNES: [01:17:33] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Great to have with us our dear friend, great columnist Liz Peek. Her latest titled “Biden will not be the Democrat nominee in 2024. Count on it.” Liz. Hope you’re doing good today. [01:17:48][15.1]

Could Michelle Obama beat Donald Trump?

PEEK: [01:17:49] Hey, thank you so much for having me on. I’m great and delighted to join you. [01:17:53][4.1]

STARNES: [01:17:53] All right. So why do you believe, and again, you say count on it. Why is Biden not going to be the Democrat nominee? [01:17:59][5.9]

PEEK: [01:17:59] Three things coming in conjunction: one, this document scandal, which I think really is a problem for Joe Biden, whose brand is that he’s an honest man. And I think increasingly voters are questioning that. Second, the GOP taking over control of the House and initiating a lot of investigations, which should have gone ahead years ago, but now finally will bring a lot of information about Hunter Biden and his father and their business dealings in very shady places like Ukraine and China to light. And third, the fact that Elon Musk now owns Twitter. And so we have a chink in this solid stone wall of silence which has protected Democrats, protected Joe Biden for years. And, you know, I cannot overstate the significance of that. If the GOP actually unveils a lot of bad behavior on the part of Joe Biden and the fact that he actually did know what Hunter Biden was up to and actually did participate in these shady business activities. We’re going to know about it because of Twitter and in the past, as you well know, there was no guarantee of that. So I think you just have a confluence of events here which are very favorable for Americans and very unfavorable for Joe Biden. [01:19:25][85.3]

STARNES: [01:19:26] And and I’m telling you, KJP, she’s getting killed every single day behind that podium. I mean, it is so ugly and they’re not able to answer any questions, and there’s just zero transparency. [01:19:37][11.2]

PEEK: [01:19:38] Right. And transparency across a number of different issues, such as really there’s this whole issue of the visitors log when 27 percent of your days are spent not at the Oval Office, but at your Wilmington house, people have a right to know who is going there, who has been there. And of course, now that these documents have been found in that house, the question is who else had access to them? We know Hunter Biden was there because he was paying $50,000 a month rent, even though the House probably justified a rent payment of maybe seven. So there’s a lot of stuff that’s going to come to light, Todd. And honestly, it cannot happen soon enough. [01:20:19][40.2]

STARNES: [01:20:19] And Liz, you know, back to that rent payment for just a moment, this could get really interesting because it’s our understanding that amount was not anywhere. It was not listed anywhere on Biden’s tax returns. As a matter of fact, the president’s tax information has now since been removed from the websites. Poof, it’s gone. [01:20:41][21.6]

PEEK: [01:20:43] So this is a guy who basically blasted Trump for mishandling secret documents, not sharing his tax information. Honestly, you know, Todd, the other thing I think that is worth mentioning, Democrats don’t want Joe Biden to run again. I mean, you’ve got two different groups, the one, the younger politicians in the party who really want to run themselves, whether it’s Gavin Newsom or Amy Klobuchar or a whole bunch of others, and then people who know how people in the party apparatus, but also Democrat voters, who know he’s not a good candidate. But Joe Biden is going downhill pretty quickly. And I don’t mean that to be mean, but the reality is the man really is confused a good deal of the time. And that is a one way street. It does not get better. [01:21:32][48.8]

STARNES: [01:21:33] No, it doesn’t. And we all heard him yesterday at the MLK event with Al Sharpton and we can’t unhear. Cut number eight, please. [01:21:43][10.8]

BIDEN IN AUDIO CLIP: [01:21:45] Congratulations today to the honorees, including your wife, who I understand it’s her birthday today. Well, look, my wife has a rule in our family. When somebody has a birthday, sing Happy birthday, ready? Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday, dear (mumbles) Happy birthday to you. [01:22:14][28.9]

STARNES: [01:22:15] So for the record there, Liz Peek, that was the wife of MLK III he was referring to. Her name is Arndrea. Not whatever Biden just said. [01:22:26][11.0]

PEEK: [01:22:27] It really doesn’t get much more idiotic. I had not heard that. Thank you for sharing. [01:22:34][7.1]

STARNES: [01:22:35] it is what it is to your point. But, you know, as much as they hate Biden, I don’t think they like Kamala Harris all that much either. So I’m just going to be intrigued here over the next little while as we see what’s going to transpire, because there are rumblings that this is all Democrat on Democrat violence here, political violence, and they’re trying to take him out before he finishes his term. [01:22:59][23.6]

PEEK: [01:23:00] Yeah, but I don’t think that’s realistic. I mean, I think he’ll serve out his term. I think the important thing is that this leak and this information came out as he was considering an announcement to run again, odds were he was going to run again. And I think they tried to get ahead of that because once he’s made that determination, all these other Democrats who want to be the next president or run for president really are stymied. Number one, they can’t do anything while he’s making up his mind. They also can’t do much when he says he’s going to run. So the best thing for the party at this point is for him to say, I’ve given it a lot of thought. I’ve consulted with my wife and, you know, for various reasons, make up a health reason or whatever. We don’t think this is a good idea. And then, you know, then the Democrats are in ok shape. By the way, the latest report I’ve got is Michelle Obama is taking a poll of financial types in New York trying to raise money for a run. So, you know, I think there are a lot of people whose interests are not aligned with Joe Biden’s second campaign. Let’s put it that way. [01:24:08][67.5]

STARNES: [01:24:08] So Michelle Obama, you see, she was my dark-horse candidate from day one. I really believe she’s that. And I think she can win, too. [01:24:16][8.1]

PEEK: [01:24:17] I do, too. I do, too. She is a very popular woman. Now, mind you, she’s never been tested. She’s never had to take hostile incoming questions. So it isn’t clear to me. You know, we don’t know. We don’t know whether she would survive that well or not. And we don’t know who her adversary would be. So we’ll see. But it’s you know, it kind of I mean, it has fueled speculation that the Obamas are behind this or that, you know, they and other people really want to make sure that Joe does not announce that he’s going to run again. So I think that’s quite intriguing. [01:24:50][32.7]

STARNES: [01:24:51] Fascinating. And I don’t know if you saw the Showtime. I’m a sucker for these kinds of, you know, biography style, short stories, movies. They did one called “The First Ladies” and it was a fictionalized account of Michelle Obama, Eleanor Roosevelt and Betty Ford. And Michelle Obama came off looking very, very good. The portrayal that was done was not good, but she came across very, very strong coming out of that series. And as I was watching it, I’m thinking, you know, somebody is up to something behind the scenes. [01:25:26][34.7]

PEEK: [01:25:27] Yeah, because they don’t do things without some point of view, I would say. So I think that is very interesting. Mind you, again, she’s a very popular woman. So to try to undermine that popularity would be kind of stupid. But, you know, we’ll see. I do think that there are a lot of people chomping at the bit to throw their hat in the ring. And by the way, Kamala will be just, if it plays out the way I think it will, which is Joe basically serves out his term but doesn’t run. Kamala will throw her hat in the ring, but she will be one of several. [01:25:57][29.9]

STARNES: [01:25:58] And I know people were really hot on Pete Buttigieg. I just I think that star just faded out quickly. [01:26:06][8.1]

PEEK: [01:26:07] Yeah. I mean, to me, sort of the Conor Lamb or Beto O’Rourke of, you know, the current day, I mean, all these guys that are sort of flashy young guys and they have very little substance. And unfortunately, history proves the case and basically they’re never heard of again. But anyway, I don’t Yeah, I don’t think he’s the guy. [01:26:26][19.4]

STARNES: [01:26:27] All right, Liz, we got to leave it there. Great column! Folks, we have a link to it and you can see that on the live show blog. Liz, thanks a lot now. [01:26:34][7.4]

PEEK: [01:26:35] Thank you so much. Take care. Bye bye. [01:26:36][1.7]

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