MAGA OREGON: Thousands Turn Out in Portland Suburb for Trump Rally

More than a thousand people turned out to celebrate President Trump at a rally in the Portland suburb of Clackamas. Afterwards a caravan featuring hundreds of cars, pickup trucks and big rigs drove through downtown Portland.

The Oregonian reports the crowd was patriotic – waving American flags and Trump flags and lots of Make America Great Again ball caps.

“This rally is not a protest,” Alex Kyzik, an organizer, told the crowd. “This rally is a celebration of a great president.”

It was a peaceful celebration – not a single building was burned. Not a single business was looted And there was no bloodshed on the streets.

Clearly, the good people of Oregon reached their breaking point. They are disgusted with Democrat leaders who have allowed a once beautiful city to be defiled and desecrated by Antifa and Black Lives Matter thugs.

The Todd Starnes Show team has compiled video of the celebration and caravan below.

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