Majority of Dems Want Mask Mandates for Vaccinated Americans: POLL

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By Eric Mack | Newsmax

Mask mandates have become one of the more divisive political issues in America, and Rasmussen Reports’ latest poll shows 66% of Democrats want mask mandates to remain even for those who are vaccinated.

The numbers are completely the opposite for likely Republican voters in the U.S., as 66% want no mask mandate for those who have been vaccinated.

Overall, just 45% of likely U.S. voters support masks for the vaccinated, while 46% do not. There were 9% who were unsure.

Third-party or independent likely voters were polling more in line with Republicans than Democrats. A majority of other voters (52%) said the vaccinated should not be required to mask up, while 39% sided with mandating masks for those who have received the vaccine.

The poll was heavy on asking likely voters who have been vaccinated, too, as 70% replied they were. Just 25% said they were not, and somehow 5% were unsure. It was also low on those who had contracted COVID-19, just 14%, while 83% believed they had not and 3% were unsure.

Also, despite Democrat and White House narratives, it is the other party and independent voters who were less likely to have been vaccinated (62%) than Republicans. Democrat likely voters polled were 79% vaccinated.

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