Many Say Kamala Harris ‘Intellectually Incapable’ of Being on SCOTUS: Rep. Chris Stewart

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TODD: We are honored to have with us from the great state of Utah Congressman Chris Stewart. Congressman, good to have you with us today.

REP. STEWART: [00:43:54] It’s good to be back. The news about Justice Breyer is interesting, but you know there’s other things going on in the world as well. Hard to keep up with everything sometimes, isn’t it?

TODD: [00:44:03] No, it is. And we’re going to jump into Russia. But you know, again, I don’t think this is this is not an Earth shattering thing. It’s not going to change the makeup of the court. But I’m curious to get your thoughts. Do you think that this could be an opportunity for Biden to maybe boot Kamala?

REP. STEWART: [00:44:21] You know, it’s always been a speculation regarding that. I think it’s unlikely. But I mean, who knows? I mean things happen in life. You think, Well, that’ll never happen. And then, you know, two weeks later, it does. I think there are some real political concerns that would surround taking the vice president putting her on the court, not the least of which is that many people view her as just intellectually incapable of filling that role. But you know, I do think what you said Todd is probably true. In fact, I think it’s almost certainly true that it’s going to be a black woman. The president has indicated that he would do that hard to back out of that once he’s made that pledge. I think probably Judge Brown-Jackson is likely, but I mean, who knows. But I mean, the good news is, once again, it’s not going to change the makeup of the court. I think more interesting or at least another interesting kind of sidebar to this is how, you know, was was the justice persuaded or bullied into retiring when you otherwise didn’t want to? And I guess we’ll just see who eventually replace it.

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TODD: [00:45:23] And that is a fair point. There was a lot of pressure being applied to Justice Breyer and really to if you go back the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, they revered that woman, but they were ready for her to to get the boot so that Obama would have had a replacement. And of course, that did not happen.

REP. STEWART: [00:45:43] Yeah, there’s no doubt, and it’s interesting how some of her friends turned on her so quickly when they lost that opportunity to name her replacement with a Democratic president, but it also illustrates how important the judicial process in the judicial courts are, especially the Supreme Court and the Democrats realize that, you know, that last fashion now we have that 63 makeup of the court is incredibly important to both sides, and they’re going to do, of course, everything they can to tilt the court. But again, the good news is, is this one isn’t going to make much difference.

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