Marjorie Taylor Greene tells Todd Starnes: Maxine Waters is ‘Going to Get People Killed’

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) condemned Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Monday, saying she “deserves to get expelled” from Congress for inciting violence.

“I don’t know what Maxine Waters wants her thugs and criminals to do, but she told them to get confrontational so it sounds like she’s trying to start a war,” she told Starnes.

Greene told host Todd Starnes Waters is a “danger to society” after the Democrat called for protesters to “get more confrontational” outside the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota police station over the weekend if Derek Chauvin is not found “guilty, guilty, guilty.”

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The freshman Georgia representative plans to introduce a resolution in the House expelling Waters from Congress.

“I’m making this move on Maxine Waters because her behavior is atrocious,” Greene said. “It’s out of control. Her words are dangerous and she’s going to get people killed.”

Greene was kicked off committees and had a resolution to expel her for past social media posts she made as a private citizen and has apologized for.

Waters, however, is a 16-term Congresswoman, Greene pointed out who has a history of inciting violence and riots, and in this case crossed state lines and broke curfew to do so.

“Maxine Waters has definitely acted and behaved unruly as though she’s the commander-in-chief of the Antifa-BLM domestic terrorist army that has reeked havoc and violence and riots for the past year,” Green said. “This is a woman who definitely deserves to get expelled. She is a danger to society and I’m very happy to introduce the resolution to expel Representative Maxine Waters from Congress.”

Waters “sent her henchmen, sent her BLM domestic terrorists out there and so they’re shooting at actual Minnesota National Guardsmen,” Green said. “Thank God no one was killed. We’ll see what happens going forward. She told them to get more confrontational and I don’t know what’s more confrontational than shooting at National Guardsmen. I don’t know what’s more confrontational than killing innocent people this year like David Dorn.”

Dorn, a black man, was a retired St. Louis police officer who was killed during violent protests last year.

“I don’t know what’s more confrontational than burning down cities and looting and destroying businesses, and terrorizing people in the streets,” the Georgia lawmaker said.

Starnes said it’s “disturbing” to hear Waters’ words after the summer of riots and violence in Democrat-led cities.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Waters should not apologize for her words and White House press secretary Jenn Psaki avoided condemning Waters.

Greene accused them of “literally turning into enemies of innocent Americans and they’re in Congress. They’re in control of our country.”

President Biden has been in a basement and is clueless about what’s been happening in the streets of America, Green said.

“These BLM and Antifa riots have been nothing, nowhere near peaceful. As a matter of fact, people have been killed. I want to know, has he gone and met with the families of people that have been murdered in these Antifa-BLM riots? And will he be out there standing up and stopping these violent riots after Maxine Waters has told everyone to get more confrontational? And now Nancy Pelosi has rubber-stamped it and said she has nothing to apologize for.”

Greene said the “Democrat-controlled government” is “hiding the truth…lying about what’s happening in the streets…what BLM and Antifa is actually doing, and they are doing nothing to protect innocent Americans.”


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