Marjorie Taylor Greene Tells Starnes: Congress Needs to Outlaw ‘Racist’ CRT

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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) told the Todd Starnes Show Thursday that Congress needs to outlaw Critical Race Theory, calling it racist hate that is dividing the nation’s children.

The following is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

STARNES: I think we have reestablished Marjorie Taylor Greene on the Patriot mobile newsmaker line. Congresswoman, a lot to talk about today. Our listeners are pretty angry and are pretty defiant when it comes to this door-knocking plan from President Biden. What say you?

GREENE: Well, I don’t know if you saw the news, but I said plenty about it. I think it’s one of the worst things we can see when we have our overbearing federal government sending their workers to our homes, showing up on our doorstep to push a non-FDA-approved vaccine. Everyone has medical privacy rights with our health laws. And the federal government has no right to force them to take a vaccine. It should be a choice, if you want the vaccine, great. Take it. And everybody knows where to get one. They are not hard to find. And if you don’t want to take the vaccine, then fantastic. That’s absolutely your personal choice. And you should be able to make that decision without anyone giving you a hard time. That’s where I stand, and that’s why I wrote the We Will Not Comply Act. It allows people to sue any organization of school or work or wherever they are if they’re being discriminated against based on vaccine passports and masks. So I’m 100 percent supportive of people that are really angry about what Joe Biden is trying to do.

STARNES: I’m wondering, are people angry? What are you hearing from people in your district?

GREENE: Oh, everyone’s furious. I mean, you have people saying “they better not show up on my doorstep,” you know, what’s next? Are they going to show up and ask to take away my guns or demand to take away my guns? I mean, it’s just an intrusion into our lives and our privacy. And the whole thing is the Democrats are all about science, right? So science works and the vaccines are good and they should be completely fine, and they should be totally satisfied and confident in their vaccine shot that they all took.

STARNES: Well, you would think so. But then again, who knows? Who knows with these folks, my concern is, what precedent are we setting? Because if they’re going to be knocking on your door asking about whether or not you’ve had the vaccine, then there’s going to be a day when they’re knocking on the door asking whether or not you’ve got guns, whether or not you’ve got Bibles in your house… I mean, this is a slippery slope we’re talking about here.

GREENE: Oh, of course it is! But that’s who the Democrats are, they are building that the gigantic freeway bridge called socialism because the end goal is communism. And this is who they are, who the Democrats are. And the longer that we pretend that they’re not, then we’re the ones keeping our heads stuck in the sand and not able to defeat them, but everybody needs to wake up and realize that absolutely, that’s the end goal. They want full government control in every single area of your lives. And if you go against that, then you are the problem and they will do something about it, like show up at your doorstep and tell you to take a non-FDA-approved vaccine. It’s unbelievable.

STARNES: It is unbelievable. On the Patriot Mobile newsmaker line, our good friend Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. The other big story we’ve been following; the head of the teachers union now declaring war on moms and dads. They are going to be defending teachers with a legal fund. They are going to defy state orders to ban critical race teaching in the classroom. And they’re going to go after and attack moms and dads who object to critical race theory. What is your advice and what should moms and dads be doing here Marjorie?

GREENE: Well, this is, you know, this is why I really believe in the people. The people pay all the taxes and they pay these teachers’ salaries. The union leaders, these are communist union leaders. They have no right to organize in this manner to launch legal action against parents, mothers, and fathers who are paying the taxes that fund these teachers’ salaries. And so what we should do, number one, Congress should immediately outlaw critical race theory – it should completely against the law. It’s racism, it’s hate, and it’s dividing our children and teaching them something horrible. It should be completely against the law. And then secondly, we should disband these communist teachers unions that want to organize and raise money to file lawsuits against parents who are paying the taxes that are paying the teachers’ salaries. Third, what we have to do is we have to be able to fire any teacher on the spot immediately if they are found teaching critical race theory. And I’m that serious about it. I’m sick and tired of Republicans and leaders who won’t take action in something and not allow it to happen. We’ve got to end it where it’s starting, and that means right now.

STARNES: And if I could, I’d like to add a number four to your list, and feel free to take this on your own. I think we need to abolish the Department of Education. Let’s return education back to the local and state level.

GREENE: Well, I would love that- school choice. I’m totally for it, you know, but it’s hard enough to end one government program and then, completely the Department of Ed. But, you know, you’re right. Yeah. I’m one of those that believes in that. But we have to. We just have to take action where we can. We have to do it immediately. And parents all over the country, this is- if they’re going to ever draw a line in the sand, this is one to draw. And I’m so proud of the parents that have gone to their school board. I mean, these people are, they’re heroes – and they’re actually taking back control away from these communist teachers’ unions. And they’re truly doing the job of being a parent, which is loving your child and protecting your child from evil. And that’s what critical race theory is, completely evil.

STARNES: Well said, Congresswoman. One of the reasons we appreciate you is that you speak the truth and you are not afraid of speaking the truth. And so thank you so much for the great work you are doing. And, man, they come after you. But you know what? You still smile and you’re still standing, standing up and fighting back. And we appreciate that.

GREENE: Well, thank you so much, Todd. And tell everybody at home, keep up the good work and keep fighting for America first.

STARNES: All right. Marjorie Taylor Greene, ladies and gentlemen, she is a fierce defender of freedom and she is a warrior and she is taking out the communists. And I say go for it.

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