Mat Staver Warns: Biden About to Cede American Sovereignty to WHO

President Biden wants to give more power to the World Health Organization (WHO) after the courts struck down his mandates, Liberty Counsel chairman Mat Staver warned on the Todd Starnes Radio Show Wednesday.

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Should the U.S. join the WHO's treaty?

Staver said the WHO treaty would give unilateral authority to the WHO director general to declare a public health emergency, even if the science and facts are contradictory.

“The more I read about what the World Health Organization is up to with this bizarre treaty that the United States is about to engage in, the more disturbed I become,” host Todd Starnes said. “This is just unbelievable.”

Starnes brought up Staver’s op-ed titled “The Dark History of WHO,” which points out that health emergencies include climate change, gender identity, abortion, and more.

“Biden’s amendment,” Staver said, “actually includes environmental and even animal rights.”

The following is a rush transcript of the Todd Starnes Radio Show heard daily from 12 p.m. until 3 p.m. daily.

Starnes: [00:39:49] The more I read about what the World Health Organization is up to with this bizarre treaty that the United States is about to engage in, the more disturbed I become. This is just unbelievable. The World Health Organization. And by the way, welcome to the Todd Starnes radio show, everybody. Good to have you with us today. The World Health Organization recently announced plans for an international pandemic treaty. Now, a part of this treaty is tied to a digital passport and a digital ID system. This is a very dangerous piece of legislation. It would basically shift governing authority now reserved to, for example, Washington, D.C., to the World Health Organization during a pandemic. And what’s even more disturbing is that the World Health Organization is the one that gets to determine what is and what is not a pandemic. Now, I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We’re honored to have with us Mat Staver from Liberty Counsel. Mat was one of the first to alert people that this was coming down the pike. Mat, good to have you back with us. [00:41:03][73.4]

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Staver: [00:41:04] Thank you. It’s good to be with you. [00:41:05][1.0]

Starnes: [00:41:05] So, Mat, right out of the gate, I want you to address the the so-called fact checkers out there, because they’re saying that the United States is not backing a W.H.O. takeover of national health policies. What say you? [00:41:19][14.0]

Staver: [00:41:21] Well, all you have to do is read the 2005 original international health regulations that George W Bush got us into, and then, more particularly, the Biden amendments that he has snuck by not only Congress but by the American public. He gave it to the U.N., who in January bypassing notification of Congress. And then it was discovered by a researcher in April. He publicized it briefly on May the sixth, but only for 24 hours. You had to sign up within that timeframe in order to comment, but only if you’re a specific person of a recognized minority group. So obviously it is a ruse. He wants to give more power to the WHO. He’s not been faring well in the American courts with his mandates. Most of them have been struck down by the courts, except for one. And so he wants to now transfer all of that power to the WHO. And this is to a single individual, the director general, who would have unilateral authority to declare a public health emergency even if there was not a real public health emergency. Imagine that. He has unilateral authority to just say this is a public health emergency, even if it’s not a real public health emergency, even if the science and facts are contradictory. [00:42:35][74.2]

Starnes: [00:42:36] Let me jump in here. And you do a great job of laying all of this out in this essay the dark history of WHO over at LC.org to that’s LC.org. You point out and it’s a great point that this is about health emergencies and health emergencies do include climate change, gender identity, abortion access, among others. [00:42:57][21.6]

Staver: [00:42:58] And. Yeah. And a reason why we say that is because that’s part of Biden’s amendment. It actually includes environmental and even animal rights. And the WHO’s already come out recently and studied that climate change is a public health emergency. So they’ve already stated that. And these amendments give the WHO the ability not only to look at viruses and disease, but also public health with respect to climate change. So they could then impose on the United States and the other 193 countries, plus the United States, its own rules with regards to carbon emissions, which obviously it also includes certain special interest groups that are specifically recognized that they have the opportunity to include them as special status. One of those that already have the special status is guess who Bill Gates, who’s pushing the climate change and also the vaccines and depopulation. He is the single largest funder of the WHO. In January of 2021 to September, just in those nine months, he gave $750 million to the WHO. Do you think the who is not going to listen to what he says? Certainly they are. They do. And they also listen to China. The WHO was responsible for covering up the origin of the Wuhan virus, saying it came from a wet market rather than the Wuhan lab. So this is very broad. What about abortion access with Roe v Wade being overturned, hopefully in the near future with the release of this opinion? And now there is this argument that says, well, you need to have more access to abortion because it’s a public health issue. The WHO could jump in there as well. Same thing for gender identity. Boys and girls, sports or the surgeries to have plastic surgery and hormones for LGBTQ agenda. All of that would be under the WHO’s amazing, incredible authority to dictate globally. Now, some of the fact checkers say, well, how is the who’s going to enforce this? Well, let’s just take an example. Look at Florida back in 2020. It was wide open. August, September of 2020, New York didn’t like it. So New York imposed travel restrictions on Floridians, a 14 day quarantine. Well, what if that happened again? The WHO’s now in charge and the WHO doesn’t like Florida or South Dakota being open? Well, the WHO could pressure the United States and certainly under Biden, they would have an ally. But certainly in addition to Biden, they also have other governors that could impose those kinds of restrictions, moreover the WHO can restrict borders. Under this particular amendment in. [00:45:29][151.5]

Starnes: [00:45:29] In the United States, they could do this? [00:45:30][1.2]

Staver: [00:45:31] Outside of the United States, they could do that. So, for example, travel outside of the United States. They could impose border restrictions on whether we could leave or come in. People could come into the United States. They also can restrict the food distribution. One of the areas of the new powers would be authority over airline and shipping, including food distribution and other supplies so they could affect trade coming and going. The food supply chain travel on airlines, travel through the shipping industry. They have an incredible amount of power, not the least of which is to be able to haul the United States before the World Court for fines and other kinds of penalties. [00:46:15][43.4]

Starnes: [00:46:16] It’s just unbelievable, folks, but it’s all there in writing. Mat Staver on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Mat, I know that you, last time you were on, you told our listeners to start making phone calls to Capitol Hill. Can you give us an update? What are you hearing from friends in Congress? [00:46:34][18.3]

Staver: [00:46:36] Well, when we first started messaging, they didn’t even know about this, not surprisingly, because Biden tried to hide it. But this week we’ve had some movement in several fronts, both domestically and internationally. The Freedom Caucus has now come out with a statement opposing these amendments. Some senators like Lankford have come out with opposition. Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida has come out with a specific opposition. If you look at internationally, the Brazilian president just yesterday came out with a very strong rebuke of these amendments, as has some African nations. So right now we’re gaining some momentum to stop these. But here’s the other thing, Todd. Not only are we talking about these amendments, this is part one of a two part process. In August, August one, they’re meeting on a new treaty and they want to roll out this new treaty, which will even give more power to the WHO. So they want to get these amendments passed so they can shorten the timeline and speed up things and then gain more control. Then they want to get more control after they have their meeting coming this August, August one. [00:47:36][59.7]

Starnes: [00:47:36] It’s fascinating. And this digital this digital passport and ID system is a little creepy. It kind of reminds me of the New Testament Book of Revelation. [00:47:45][8.4]

Staver: [00:47:46] Well, it does. You know, in fact, in March, the WHO launched this global vaccination passport, this digital passport with your health and your COVID and all the other information that would be necessary for travel and other kinds of shopping and movement within your own country. And as a result of that, two continents already have jumped on board. So we’re already talking about 2 billion people on the planet under this potential vaccination passport, vaccine passport that the WHO is launching. So you can bet if the WHO gets more power through these amendments and then later through another treaty, they will impose this global vaccination passport, which means you’ve got to show it on your QR code or whatever kind of system you have in order to shop, dine, travel about domestically or internationally. [00:48:32][46.1]

Starnes: [00:48:34] So Mat, real quick, where are we at now? Is there still an opportunity for us to stop this from happening? [00:48:39][5.2]

Staver: [00:48:40] Yes, there is. In fact, we have a website called LC.org/WHO that you can contact your members of Congress, both House and Senate, and make sure that they do everything in their power to stop this. The WHO continues to meet for its annual meeting up through this Saturday. So we have, including today, four more days of meetings. We need to stop it there. Then we also need to stop the treaty that’s coming up later this summer. But if for the worst case scenario, they actually adopt these amendments, we have six months to opt out, but that’s going to be a harder lift because once you’re in, it’s going to be harder to get out. We don’t want to get in, so we need to stop the amendments right now. We have until Saturday to do it. And then if we can stop the amendments, we have to be on guard for the next phase and that is their bigger treaty that will give them even more power. And that’s really where they’re going. [00:49:29][49.2]

Starnes: [00:49:30] All right, great staff. Mat, appreciate the hard work you put into all of this, folks. LC.org. If you want to get more information, Mat, thank you. [00:49:37][7.7]

Staver: [00:49:38] Thank you. My pleasure. [00:49:39][0.5]

Starnes: [00:49:39] All right. Just unbelievable. It does sort of remind me of that whole mark of the beast thing. Very, very New Testament. If you ask me. [00:49:49][9.9]

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