Matt Schlapp: “This is the Time for Conservatives to Take Back the Country”

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Conservative activist Matt Schlapp told The Todd Starnes Show on Wednesday that the 2020 Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), slated for February 26 through 29, will be “one of the most instrumental” CPAC’s ever.

“Our tickets are selling at three times the pace they did last year. Last year was our record year,” Schlapp stated. “That’s an indicator that people are on fire.” Check out his full interview here.

As chairman of the American Conservative Union – which hosts the annual conference – Schlapp said not all conservative politicos are happy. “Some are really worried. But they think they can make a difference,” he told Starnes, adding that “activists feel like they’re being listened to” with the rise of Donald Trump.

Starnes added that “without CPAC” Donald Trump likely wouldn’t be president. “I don’t even think we would have that much of a conservative movement,” Starnes said.

“This is the time for conservatives to take back the country,” Schlapp told Starnes. “If we don’t do it now, we’re in deep trouble.”

Schlapp believes President Trump “actually listens to what people want him to get done,” unlike some political leaders who have created a “calcified feeling” of empty promises.

“[Trump is] a marketer. And he’s a listener,” Schlapp continued. “It is the most refreshing thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”

Since his inauguration, President Trump has delivered a speech every year at the conference in National Harbor, MD.

Schlapp also pointed out that Trump, years before running for President, requested to walk in through the main CPAC lobby to interact with attendees, while other speakers were more concerned about an easy entrance and exit to the event.

ACU describes itself as “the nation’s original grassroots conservative organization.”

Schlapp said activists are finally feeling “like their voice will be heard.”

“They’re willing to do more than they ever have to get involved in the election in November.”

Weighing in on the impeachment process, Schlapp said Democrats have wanted to “impeach this man from the very first second he put his hand on the Bible and took the oath of office.”

“You don’t have any crimes,” he stated.