McCarthy Conspiring to Install RINO Speaker

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Ex-House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is conspiring with Establishment Republicans to install an anti-Trump, anti-MAGA Speaker. The former House Speaker has thrown his support behind Rep. Tom Emmer (R-MN) in the speakership race.

McCarthy and Emmer worked together to pull funding from pro-Trump congressional candidates – a move that many blame for the 2022 midterm disaster. What was supposed to be a red wave turned out to be a trickle.

“Tom Emmer is an absolute never Trump politician,” a GOP strategist told Breitbart News. “He failed to secure the red wave. Worked for a Soros-funded group. Trashed President Trump to candidates and donors. He is Nancy Pelosi in a suit, but with less balls to do anything.”

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In the summer of 2019, Emmer defended Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) after patriots at a Trump rally chanted, “Send her back.”

“Tom Emmer has defended Ilhan Omar more than he has President Trump, which is all you need to know,” the top Trump ally said. “If you care about President Trump and America First policies, you should reject RINO Never Trumper Tom Emmer. He’s literally the worst.”

On Sunday McCarthy was asked on NBC’s Meet the Press whether he still identified as a MAGA Republican. He declined to answer the question.

From Time magazine:

As the head of the National Republican Congressional Committee in 2022, he reportedly implored Republican candidates in the midterms to distance themselves from Trump. And he’s been telling GOP donors that he won’t support Trump’s 2024 presidential primary campaign. “You can’t have the majority leader of the Republican Party being very anti-Trump and against his agenda,” one source close to Trump tells TIME. “That’s just not going to work. There’s no trust there.” 


House Republicans will meet later today behind closed doors to select a nominee. The official candidate list includes Jack Bergman (MI) Byron Donalds (FL) Tom Emmer (MN) Kevin Hern (OK) Mike Johnson (LA) Dan Meuser (PA) Gary Palmer (AL) Austin Scott (GA) Pete Sessions (TX)

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