McConnell: Most Important Issue is Ukraine, Not America

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell says the most important issue facing the world is the war in Ukraine. 

I’m sure that comment came as a bit of a surprise to moms of newborn children — struggling to find baby formula. 

I’m also sure it was a bit of a surprise to border towns where hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens have invaded their communities. 

No doubt a surprise to Americans struggling to buy groceries and to put gas in their cars.

Or business owners who have been the victims of smash and grab robberies. Violent crimes. 

$40 billion. 

That’s how much of our tax money is going to help the Ukrainians. Not struggling Americans, but Ukrainians. 

You might argue that Ukraine is facing a humanitarian crisis — but I’d recommend driving around the United States. Some might say we’re in the middle of our own humanitarian crisis. 

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