‘Medical Freedom’: Congressional Candidate Mike Blasi Supports NJ Parents Against Masking Kids

A Republican wanting to represent New Jersey in Congress is pushing for medical freedom against forced masking.

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“I support the truck drivers,” Mike Blasi told the Todd Starnes Show. “If you get loud and you make some noise, people are going to listen.”

Blasi, a decorated Army veteran and retired law enforcement officer, is also listening to parents.

“The parents that are in New Jersey are probably the most agitated and loudest group that we have right now,” said Blasi. “They’re not happy with their kids being masked, they’re not happy with what’s going on in their schools today, because I attend several boards of education meetings every week throughout the district, and nothing is more fierce than a mama bear.”

Politicians representing federal, state, and local governments say masks are among the ways to combat the spread of COVID-19. Still, Blasi says masks are doing more harm than good for children.

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“It’s going to be a mental and a physical issue that’s going to last for years and years to come,” said Blasi. “I asked a board of education member ‘what medical school did you go to?’ and she said, ‘I didn’t go to medical school,’ (to which I replied) ‘then how do you put a medical device on our children.’”

Blasi has no doubt that some children are swapping masks with other students.

“When I was in second grade, I used to swap lunches,” said Blasi. “We need medical freedom. We need those kids to have a great laugh. We need kids to smile again, not hidden behind a mask.”

People in Blasi’s campaign are often referred to as a minority group, especially in mainstream media stories, but Blasi does not see it that way

“We’re the majority,” said Blasi.

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