Michael Moore Praises Biden for Afghan Withdrawal: ‘America Has Thankfully Lost Another War’

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Newsmax: Filmmaker Michael Moore praised President Joe Biden for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

On Friday, Moore posted on his website praising Biden’s decision stating that, “America has thankfully lost another war. Let’s make this the last.” Moore says that the United States’ invasion of Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq (1991), Iraq (2003), and Afghanistan posed no threat to America.

“None of them ever invaded us or posed any kind of threat to our lives — the only true justification to ever use armed force,” Moore writes.

“We spent over $2.4 trillion in Afghanistan for 20 years while the poor in America went without food, medical care, decent schools. The water in the Black-majority city of Flint was poisoned by the Governor. A thousand people shot by the police in the U.S. each year.”

Moore’s rant consisted mainly of points about how the wars, post World War II, have not been justified. While Moore praises Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, he also affirms that the rest of the world should not believe America when it comes to agreements.

“We should never be believed! Note to the rest of the world: You see us coming? RUN! Nothing but tragedy awaits you. Do NOT help us. If we sign a climate agreement, we will not follow it! If we sign a nuclear deal with your mullahs, don’t believe it. It only means we’re getting ready to bomb you. And you should know that when it comes to we, the American public, there is not a single morning where we ever wake up thinking about you or giving a rat’s a** whether 80% of your people live in a state of oppressive abject poverty. It’s always only about us, baby — and what YOU can do for US, for our AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE!”

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