Michelle Obama Slams Second Amendment

Former First Lady Michelle Obama blasted the Second Amendment Thursday during a promotional appearance for her new book on CBS Mornings.

Remarking on the title of Obama’s book, “The Light We Carry: Overcoming in Uncertain Times,” host Gayle King said, “I really think that these are uncertain times. Do you think that we could ever figure out a way to reconcile gun violence in this country? Because it does keep me up.”

Should Americans give up any gun rights?

“I hope and pray that, at some point, enough becomes enough,” Obama responded. “We wondered that throughout our entire presidency.”

“But we are the only developed country on the planet where its citizens can have unfettered access to firearms,” she continued. “That is not a good thing and more of us have to feel strongly about it, in particular, our young people.”

Obama went on to say that “this is where democracy comes in” and that “all of this stuff is decided in the ballot box.”


In recent weeks a spate of shootings have roiled the country and made national headlines.

On Saturday, Kaylin Gillis, 20, was traveling through the rural town of Hebron in upstate New York with three other people when the group mistakenly pulled into the wrong driveway and was met with gunfire. Washington County Sheriff Jeffrey Murphy said Kevin Monahan, 65, came onto his porch and fired two rounds, one of which hit Gillis.

Last week, Ralph Yarl, 16, went to the wrong address around 10 p.m. to pick up his younger siblings in Kansas City, Missouri. Andrew Lester, 84, allegedly shot Yarl in the head and arm on his doorstep. The teen survived the shooting.

On April 10, Connor Sturgeon, 25, opened fire at a Louisville, Kentucky bank where he worked, killing five people — including a close friend of the state’s governor — while livestreaming the attack on Instagram, authorities said.

Two weeks earlier and about 160 miles south, in Nashville, Tennessee, Elizabeth Hale, 28, who identified as a transgender male, killed three children and three adults at the Christian elementary school she formerly attended. Tennessee’s governor and his wife also lost friends in that shooting.

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