Mike Davis: Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Advocacy Led to Release of GITMO Terrorists

Mike Davis, the head of the Article III Project, told the Todd Starnes Show Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s advocacy led to the release of GITMO terrorists.

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Should Ketanji Brown Jackson be confirmed by the Senate?

TODD STARNES: [01:21:26] I want to go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We are very honored to have Mike Davis with us, a member of the Article III Project, a former chief counsel for nominations and the US Senate Committee on the Judiciary. Mike, good to have you with us today. [01:21:42][15.9]

MIKE DAVIS: [01:21:43] Thank you for having me on.  [01:21:44][1.6]

TODD: [01:21:45] All right- Well, let’s talk about this so far with opening statements underway. Senator Josh Hawley seems to be leading the charge with these allegations that Judge Jackson has gone soft on pedophiles and child predators. [01:21:59][14.1]

MIKE: [01:22:01] Yeah, and it’s it’s 100 percent true if you look at her- Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s 25 year public record as a law student, as a sentencing commissioner and as a judge, a federal judge, she has a 25 year documented record of advocating and even ordering lighter sentences for child sex predators, including people who possess and distribute child pornography. [01:22:30][29.2]

TODD: [01:22:31] And yet, Mike, the problem I see here and it’s a pretty smart move on the part of the Democrats. They know that these Republicans are going to think twice about asking any question simply because of the color of Judge Jackson’s skin. They don’t want to be accused of being a racist. So do you think that in your estimation, do you think we are going to get those tough questions being asked? [01:22:51][20.3]

MIKE: [01:22:53] I think Senator Hawley is going to do it. He’s already proven that he’s courageous on this issue, and I think it’s important to remember this, that with any Supreme Court confirmation, you’re confirming these nominees to the highest court in the land for the rest of their lives. And so you do a thorough vetting of these justices to write these Supreme Court nominees. Senator Dick Durbin, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, has denied a routine and narrow request for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s records when she was the vice chairman of the Sentencing Commission, which is the government body that comes up with the recommended sentencing ranges for Congress and for federal judges in criminal cases. Chairman Durbin has denied a routine and narrow request for her records from 2010 to 2013, when she served as the vice chair of the Sentencing Commission, and we are at the Article three project. The group that I run has learned why. And the reason is because she took it on her, on her. She took it on her own initiative as the vice chair to direct the commission to look into child pornography case into possession and distribution of child pornography. Because she thinks that Congress’s five year mandatory minimum for these creeps is too soft. And so she made that. She made that one of her pet projects at the sentencing commission and that’s what they’re trying to hide. [01:24:21][87.9]

TODD: [01:24:22] And folks, Mike has this all outlined and very well researched over on Article three, project dot org. That’s article number three Project.org Mike. How dangerous would a Justice Jackson be to the country? [01:24:41][19.5]

MIKE: [01:24:43] Well, we have to be careful how we say this. She’s going to be one of nine justices on the Supreme Court if she’s confirmed and she’s one liberal, replacing one of only three liberals. The problem is they’re not thoroughly vetting her record. And, you know, I don’t know if it’s because they’re scared because she’s a black woman like you suggested or some other reason. But there is a real divide in this country. There are people in this country who truly believe that that child sex predators, people who enjoy watching children being raped. That’s what child pornography is, is child rape because these kids cannot consent. There are people like Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson who think that a group of pedophiles watching children getting raped should not be punished as harshly as we punish them. And the problem with that is we create a market for this stuff. And with the explosion of technology, with the internet being widely available all over the world, high speed internet with our own southern cameras, we’re seeing seeing an explosion of child pornography, especially in Third World countries like South like in Southeast Asia. And if we don’t have a very strong deterrent, a five year mandatory minimum for these creeps, these kids are going to keep being victimized around the world. [01:25:57][74.0]

TODD: [01:25:58] No, and you’re right, there is a and there’s a movement afoot and it’s not, you know, again, this is like where transgenderism was just a few years ago. But you’ve got some advocacy groups that are now calling for for the the legitimacy of pedophilia and to make it part of that LGBTQIA group. So again, I don’t know where we’re at on that, but that is a dangerous, dangerous path that this country is going down. Mike, I want to ask you about the Gitmo terrorist according to your you’ve got a Twitter. A post that Judge Jackson helped free 729 Gitmo terrorists. Harmeet Dhillon was on the program just about about an hour ago, and she said that that should be off limits, that that those Gitmo terrorists were deserving of the best defense they could get. What say you? [01:26:49][51.7]

MIKE: [01:26:51] I love Harmeet. I think she’s a warrior and she’s a good friend of mine. I just disagree with her on this. And I think what you have to understand here is there’s a difference between being a. Federal defender, which Judge Jackson was where you have to take all the cases that come in your door, murderers, terrorists, rapists, everyone, everyone has a right to a defense. What happened with these terrible detainees is not that at all. It’s when it’s Ketanji Brown Jackson was in private practice at Morrison and her mofo, as they called it a big international law firm. She was working in the D.C. office. I was at a law firm for five years. I ran away from law practice for five years. You’re very, very busy and so you’re very careful about the three legal matters the pro bono matters that you take on that Ketanji Brown Jackson wasn’t even representing these terrorists as client. She was representing former liberal former judges and she advocated to the Supreme Court of the United States an amicus brief to the Supreme Court in 2008. She advocated that these Gitmo terrorists should have habeas right. They should have the right to go into federal courts. The problem is that they had never had these habeas rights before, and they shouldn’t have said this race because of their battlefield detainees, right? And she argued that Judge Justice Kennedy wrote an opinion joined by the four liberals and a five to four decision. They accept it. Ketanji Brown Jackson’s rationale and that forced the government to start releasing these detainees, 729 of them have been released, 229 of them have returned to terrorist activities, and 12 of them have killed six American soldiers and civilians. This is a direct consequence of Ketanji Brown Jackson’s advocacy to the Supreme Court of the United States. [01:28:37][106.2]

TODD: [01:28:38] All right, Mike. We’re going to have to leave it there. Appreciate your insight here and to folks again. Article III Project Dawg. We have a direct link in our live show blog. Mike, we appreciate your great work here, and I know we’ll be checking back in with you as the hearings continue. [01:28:52][13.8]

MIKE: [01:28:54] Great, thank you for having me on. [01:28:55][1.1]TODD: [01:28:55] All right. That’s Mike Davis, everybody founder and president of the Article three project dot org. [01:29:03][7.4]

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