Minneapolis Voters Reject Replacing Police Department

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The voters of Minneapolis, ground zero for the Defund the Police movement after George Floyd’s death in 2020, soundly rejected a proposal to replace the police.

The ballot question was if voters would like to replace the Minneapolis Police Department with a Department of Public Safety, which would divide control of public saftey between the mayor and City Council with an emphasis on mental health.

Amid a crime wave, the initiative failed 57% to 44%, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s office with 133 of 136 precincts reporting.

“I kind of trembled a little bit in the voting booth today because I live in one of the neighborhoods most impacted by crime and violence… and knew the correlation between the lack of policing and good policing,” Sondra Samuels, a Minneapolis resident who sued over the measure and has lost neighbors to gun violence, told Fox News.

“We can have reform and we can have enough police to keep our children, our elderly safe,” Samuels added. “So this was a win tonight.”

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