Missouri Schools Ban Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey has initiated an investigation into three St. Louis County school districts, alleging discriminatory practices.

In a series of letters, Bailey ordered the Lindbergh School District to halt the use of “race-based criteria” in its gifted program, accused the Parkway School District of restricting students from forming religious clubs, and pointed to the Webster Groves School District for allegedly employing race-based criteria in hiring.

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According to the attorney general, Lindbergh’s LEAP program allegedly imposes different percentile requirements based on racial or ethnic backgrounds.

“Racism is wrong,” the attorney general told Todd Starnes. “Discrimination based on race or religion is wrong. It violates the constitutional protections. It violates state statute, violates several federal laws. And fortunately, here in the state of Missouri, the Attorney General’s office is empowered through the Missouri Human Rights Act to take legal action.”

“So we put the school districts on notice that we’re not going to tolerate discrimination, against student bodies, religious preference, or against hiring preference based on racial gerrymandering or, racist policies in access to gifted programs,” the attorney general said.

The district denies the allegations, with Superintendent Dr. Tony Lake stating that the accusations are “politically motivated” and “not based in fact.” Dr. Lake asserts that all students must meet the state’s IQ requirements for gifted student selection.

Parkway Superintendent Dr. Keith Marty faces claims of religious club restrictions, as Bailey cites reports of limitations on activities such as using the PA system, hanging posters, and holding meetings.

Marty refutes the accusations, asserting that all four high schools in the district have active religious groups, including the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Jewish Student Union, Muslim Student Union, and Catholic Faith Club.

Webster Groves School District, accused of employing race-based criteria in hiring, dismisses Bailey’s claims as “ridiculous.” The district emphasizes its commitment to diversity in staffing while denying any discriminatory practices.

Bailey had demanded the abandonment of the district’s stated goal of increasing diversity among faculty, staff, and applicants.

As the investigations unfold, these allegations have sparked debates about fairness and equal opportunities within St. Louis County schools.


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