Monica Crowley: America Faces an Existential Threat

“Democrat Communists” are ruining the country, conservative commentator Monica Crowley said on the Todd Starnes Show this week.

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The host of “The Monica Crowley Podcast” warned that the Left is hell-bent on transforming the country.

“Every single thing they do is in service of transforming the nation into a more neo-Communist, neo-Marxist kind of model,” Crowley said.

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“The other thing you need to understand about them is that they are revolutionaries,” she added. “These are not Democrats, they’re not JFK or Bill Clinton Democrats. They are Marxist revolutionaries. Revolutionaries never rest. They never take a break. They never stop. They never go on vacation.”


STARNES: [00:42:30] Let’s go right now to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. She is the host of one of the most popular podcasts in America right now. You’ve got to check out the Monica Crowley podcast, all sorts of great guests, deep dives into some of the big issues of the day. And it’s just a heck of a lot of fun. Monica Crowley, Monica, good to have you back with us.

CROWLEY: Hey, Todd, it’s great to be back. Thank you for having me.

STARNES: So over the weekend, you know, we were all at CPAC. We were having a good time, fellowshiping, cheering on President Trump. While all that was going on, you had some pretty nefarious behavior happening up on Capitol Hill. What kind of dangers are we facing thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act?

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CROWLEY: Yeah, well, thank you for the question. And in fact, I just finished today’s Monica Crowley podcast, which will be published later this afternoon. And I spend a good deal of time taking this all apart because one of the really important things that I think everybody needs to be aware of is that we are dealing with neo-Marxists. Okay, these are neo-communists. I call them the Democrat Communists because that’s exactly what they are. And every single thing they do is in service of transforming the nation into a more neo-communist, neo-Marxist kind of model. The other thing you need to understand about them is that they are revolutionaries. These are not Democrats, they’re not JFK or Bill Clinton Democrats. They are Marxist revolutionaries. Revolutionaries never rest. They never take a break. They never stop. They never go on vacation. So, the Democrat Communists on Capitol Hill this weekend spent a gorgeous August summer weekend ramming through an absolutely catastrophic bill. Todd, that is going to make things so much worse. If you think the economy is bad now, just wait. If you think inflation is bad now, just wait. They are now spending and taxing a trillion dollars more on top of the nearly $7 trillion that they spent last year. They’re pumping another trillion dollars down into the system in various ways. A lot of it is weighted toward climate, green energy boondoggles. And we’ve been down this road before with Solyndra. We know how this ends, but it doesn’t matter to them. They’re going to raise taxes on every single American. They are standing up now an army of about 90,000 new IRS agents. That number, Todd, just to put this into perspective, they can with $80 billion, hire 87,000 new IRS auditors and agents. That number is more than the number of people working for the Department of Defense, Department of State, FBI and Border Patrol combined. The $80 billion infusion into the IRS is something that a previous IRS commissioner went on the record just about a week or so ago saying, ‘Hey, I don’t know what the IRS is going to do with $80 billion. That’s way too much money.’ Well, not for them, because what we know is they were going to be auditing you and me. They’re going to be auditing. But so many more Americans. In fact, a million more audits are estimated for those making under $200,000 a year. So not only are they going to be raising your taxes, they’re going to be auditing you and putting the hyperinflation we’re already experiencing on steroids.


STARNES: And Monica. Beyond that, they’re spending billions of dollars on enforcement as well. I know Congressman Matt Gaetz had introduced an amendment, a ban that would have banned the IRS from purchasing ammo. But our understanding is that, according to Forbes, they’ve already spent nearly $700,000 in ammo in the early part of this year. So, what is the IRS doing with all of those weapons and what are they going to be doing with all that ammo? That’s what I’d like to know.

CROWLEY: Right. That’s an unanswered question. Why is the tax collection agency one of the most fearsome agencies in the government? Why are they gathering all kinds of ammunition and weapons? What do they need it for? Audits don’t involve guns or bullets, at least not as far as I know.

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STARNES: Well, look, I mean, so the Government Accountability Office, they’ve run the numbers here. Again, this is in the Forbes piece, according to their information at the end of 2017. That’s the earliest numbers they have. The IRS had nearly 5,000 guns and 5 million rounds of ammo in its weapons inventory. So that in itself is disturbing. Monica, I agree with you. I think all of this is intentional. I think they want the economy to fail.

CROWLEY: So, for eight years under Barack Obama, and Joe Biden was his vice president, so this is all just a continuation of what the Obamas did and what that administration was all about for eight years under Obama, I was seeing exactly this all over Fox News, radio, in print, you name it. I was talking about how this was the intentional destruction of the country, and I got pooh poohed and a lot of people laughed and dismissed me, and I stuck to my guns because I knew it to be true. You’re dealing here with socialists. These are communists. They are affecting what Barack Obama once called the fundamental transformation of the nation. It’s right there. They’re telling you exactly what they believe and what they intend for the country. And we’re fools if we don’t pay attention. It’s not like they’re disguising this. And in this case with Joe Biden, any normal president would change tack, especially going into a midterm where it looks pretty bad for him and his party. But we’ve got none of that. He hasn’t changed one iota. And that tells you that they are completely committed to this agenda. And the agenda is American destruction.

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STARNES: Monica Crowley is on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line, host of the Monica Crowley podcast. Monica, we’re looking at these numbers. We’re going to be taxed number, what, $700 billion, $400 billion in new spending? What is this country going to look like, say, you know, by the end of the first term of the Biden administration?

CROWLEY: Well, I think it is going to be I mean, it’s already catastrophic and it’s just going to be this catastrophe, but on steroids. This is a very, very dark moment for the country. I often use the analogy of termites, Todd. You know, if you’re unfortunate enough to have termites in your home, you know that termites burrow away and eat away at the very foundation of the home. And the home looks fine to the naked eye. It looks like it’s standing sturdy, until one day the whole thing collapses. And what we have faced here is that these communists, really, for many, many decades, starting in earnest in the 1950s, have burrowed into the very foundations of our country, and they grabbed control over the major pillars like academia and education, the news media, our culture, movies, music, television, all of that stuff. And they have been eating away and chipping away for so many years that it feels like we are at the tipping point where the whole superstructure is about to collapse or is beginning to collapse on us. And that’s why we need every patriotic American to understand what this is all about. This isn’t just like a regular downturn or just a run of the mill incompetent president who is also corrupt. This is something else entirely. This is an existential threat to all of us and to the country, the Constitution and the American way of life. So, we need all hands-on deck to be pushing back, particularly with our elections. So that’s number one going into November. Please get involved in your local communities. Volunteer to be poll watchers, vote counters, ballot observers. If you’re an attorney, volunteer your time in your local district. In case there are legal challenges. Be on site. It’s no longer election day. It’s election month. If we don’t have integrity in our elections, we’ve got nothing. So that’s number one. But we can’t just put all of our eggs in our politics basket or hope that our leaders will do the right thing because we know more often than not, they don’t. So, we have to do what we can to try to change the culture. And that’s why I applaud you, Todd, because you’ve spent your entire career really speaking to American culture and Western culture and how we need to turn it around, make it more faith based. Get people back to God and that sort of thing. That is absolutely critical.

STARNES: Well, kind words. Thank you for that, Monica. And look, you have been the voice crying in the wilderness. And I remember we had these conversations back when I was at Fox News and Fox News Radio. You’ve been on this. You’ve seen this play out. And we’re going to keep having you on the program because people need to prepare, and they need to know what’s coming down the path. Monica, we’re going to leave it there. Folks, you got to check out Monica’s incredible podcast. Monica, always appreciate you taking time to come on the show.

CROWLEY: Always a pleasure, Todd. Thank you.

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