Monica Crowley: De Blasio Waging ‘Marxist Jihad’ Against NYC


New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) has “been on a Marxist jihad to transform the city” and his latest COVID orders are just another “outrageous overreach,” conservative commentator Monica Crowley told the Todd Starnes Show Monday.

De Blasio announced a vaccine mandate for private-sector employees that will go into effect Dec. 27, along with requiring kids as young as five to carry vaccine passports.

“The only thing that’s going to happen is it’s going to further depress New York City’s economy,” Crowley said. “New York City has a 10 percent unemployment rate. That is sky high. It is much higher than most red states and red cities, but de Blasio just doesn’t care because he’s on an intellectual and ideological jihad for socialism, so it doesn’t bother him at all.”

Tourists will be canceling holiday trips, Crowley notes, because parents won’t want to vaccinate their tiny tots just to see the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes or the Rockefeller Christmas Tree.


“This is just another power grab,” Crowley said.

Host Todd Starnes said it’s “sad” to see what’s happening in the Big Apple with rising crime and the downturn in businesses.

Crowley added that incoming Mayor Eric Adams has to roll back de Blasio’s “insane” mandates and fight for safe streets to bring business back to the city.


Below is a rushed transcript from Monica Crowley’s interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show:

Starnes: [00:20:09] Welcome back to the Todd Starnes Radio Show. We are broadcasting from our beautiful studio here at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, this week. By the way, what you just heard, President Trump literally phoned in to a big concert country music concert in Florida in Orlando, and it was to honor the United States Air Force Reserve. It was like a Who’s who you had what Toby Keith, Trace Adkins, Clay Walker, Eddie Montgomery and, of course, Donald Trump. Let’s go to the Patriot mobile newsmaker line. Our good friend Monica Crowley joins us. Monica, good to have you with us today. And how about President Trump? The country music fans love this guy. [00:20:50][40.7]

Crowley: [00:20:51] High times. So good to be back with you. Thank you for having me. Yeah, I mean, look, I think the vast majority of Americans like and respect Donald Trump. The problem is that you’ve got a very narrow band of very powerful people in the media and government and elsewhere that have poisoned the pot when it comes to Donald Trump. But I think if you ask the average Americans, particularly now that we’ve had about 11 months of Joe Biden’s catastrophic failures on the economy and foreign policy, I think a lot of people who maybe didn’t like Trump’s style or his tone. Well, now you got style and tone. But the country is going off the rails. So the love that people have for Donald Trump, I think, has only increased since he’s been out of office. [00:21:37][46.6]

Starnes: [00:21:39] I’m with you. And of course, the polling data certainly shows that a couple of weeks ago, we had that McLaughlan poll that showed even among Hispanic voters, the president’s numbers were now up to what, 38 percent to 36 percent back in 2020. So I think you’re right, Monica. I think a lot of people are waking up and a lot of Democrats are waking up and they’re finding out. Holy cow. I’ve got to take out a mortgage just to go to the grocery store these days. [00:22:04][24.9]

Crowley: [00:22:05] Yeah, inflation is a real problem. Look, when President Trump handed off the economy to Joe Biden on January 20th, Trump left him the fastest economic recovery from any crisis on record. We were seeing tremendous job recovery. And by the way, to this day, Todd, what we see like when you get a monthly jobs report like we got at the end of last week, it was another dismal jobs report for the month of November when you see these things. This is still a job recovery operation. The jobs that you’re seeing month to month, as terrible as these reports are, they are job jobs being recovered post-pandemic. We are not talking about job creation. So you were seeing tremendous amount of jobs being recovered millions month to month last year. We also saw growth coming back, dynamism coming back. So Trump bequeathed to Joe Biden in the last 11 months, Todd Biden has really weakened the U.S. economy and is squandering what Trump left him to. Right now, we’re looking at a weakening economy, skyrocketing inflation as you point out a labor crunch, a supply chain crisis and then a whole array of other issues like the collapse in Afghanistan, the wide open border, escalating crime. So again, I think the comparison between Trump, who delivered a booming economy and world peace, particularly in the Middle East. I mean, I don’t know what else people are could possibly want from a president, but he delivered a booming economy and world peace. And now, just in the last less than a year, you’ve seen this new president with these catastrophic policies that are just devastating in every direction. [00:23:53][108.2]

Starnes: [00:23:54] And Monica, what keeps me up at night and again, the financial crisis, which is significant. But now you look at the Russians massing, we’re hearing some one hundred seventy five thousand troops near the Ukrainian border. You’ve got China and Taiwan. I’m very concerned that we might get ourselves dragged into a war here. [00:24:14][20.2]

Crowley: [00:24:16] Yeah, I’ve got an op ed coming this week, Tad, which I will post on my Twitter at Monica Crowley and also my Instagram at Monica Crowley underscore. So please check my feeds later this week because I’ve written a piece about Joe Biden’s catastrophic national security and foreign policy agenda and and the fact that he is generating so much American weakness. And we know from history that American weakness drives the wolves to the door. And we’re seeing a lot of wolves that are pacing and probing and advancing, not just against America and America. His interest rate against our allies interests as well. And so what I can, I can see it coming. You’ve got the world’s worst bad guys, from terrorist organizations to Vladimir Putin in Russia to Xi in China, and they’re all licking their lips. They are ready to go and to move to advance their interests at the expense of ours because they know we’ve got an incredibly weak American commander in chief who is not going to hold them account. There will be no serious retribution and they know it. [00:25:25][69.6]

Starnes: [00:25:26] Monica Crowley on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line here at Liberty University. Monica, what do you get your reaction to the news coming out of New York City today? De Blasio says if you’re five year old wants a happy meal, they got to show their vax papers even more significant. He’s forcing private business owners to enforce these vaccine mandates. [00:25:45][18.8]

Crowley: [00:25:47] Yeah, I tweeted this morning that I’m sure that the incoming mayor, Eric Adams, just loves the fact that the outgoing mayor who’s been a catastrophe in every way for the last eight years, is inflicting this lawless diktat on him and his incoming administration, as well as New Yorkers who are still struggling in large part to come back. Certainly, small businesses are. So this is an outrageous overreach. We’ve seen time and again from de Blasio, but the only thing that’s going to happen is it’s going to further depress New York City’s economy. New York City has a 10 percent unemployment rate that is sky high. It is much higher than most red states and red cities, of course. But de Blasio did just doesn’t care because he’s on an intellectual and ideological jihad for socialism, so it doesn’t bother him at all. But the fact that this goes into effect on December 27th, when he is out the door on January 1st is really outrageous to do to his successor. And it’s going to crush the New York City economy because we are hearing a lot of people who are saying, Well, there goes my holiday trip with my kids to New York City. I was going to take him with the Radio City Music Hall and the Rockettes. I was going to take them to see the tree and rock center can’t do it because my six year old is not back and I have no plans to get my child. De Blasio doesn’t care. This is just another power grab. And I will hope that the new mayor is going to reverse a lot of what de Blasio has done, particularly in these waning days. [00:27:31][103.8]

Starnes: [00:27:32] Yeah, and they’ve got to get a handle on the crime. They’ve just got to unleash the police and let them do what they do so best. It’s just I was talking to some folks back in the neighborhood in Brooklyn, and they say I would be shocked by, you know, the downturn in businesses and the increase in crime. It’s just really sad what’s happening there. [00:27:51][19.1]

Crowley: [00:27:52] Yeah, it really is. But again, he’s been on a Marxist jihad to transform the city, you know, which he he looked at as his own little fiefdom to do this Marxist experiment. And we’ve seen how all of it works. But yes, he’s the new mayor has got to bring back the economy by doing what he can to reduce tax rates and make it far more business friendly and public safety. Because if people don’t feel safe walking down the street, then there is, there’s going to be no economic comeback. And then on top of it, when you add these insane vaccine mandates, look, a lot of this has got to be rolled back. Eric Adams is a smart guy. I just hope that he’s got enough in him, enough strength to to push back on the far left because they’re going to bring an incredible amount of pressure to bear on him. [00:28:43][50.8]

Starnes: [00:28:44] No doubt about it. All right, Monica, we’re going to leave it there. Again, folks. Monica Crowley. You can follow her on Twitter. Great column coming out and we’ve got links to all of Monica’s places over on our live show blog. Monica, it’s been so long. Great to have you back. [00:28:58][14.5]

Crowley: [00:28:59] Always a pleasure. Todd, thank you so much. God bless. [00:29:02][2.4]

Starnes: [00:29:02] All right. God bless Monica Crowley. Great lady. Right there. Great Patriot serving in the Trump administration. You see her all the time over at Fox News, by the way. She’s not kidding about the about the the jobs issues out there. [00:29:16][14.2]

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