MONICA CROWLEY: Stephen Colbert’s Employees Should Be In Jail

Stephen Colbert’s employees getting special treatment after trespassing at the Capitol highlights the bias against conservatives in our criminal justice system, Monica Crowley said on the Todd Starnes Show.


TODD STARNES: [00:23:56] I want to go right now to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. And we’re honored to have one of the best podcasters in all of America with us, our good friend, Monica Crowley. Monica, great to have you today. [00:24:07][10.8]

MONICA CROWLEY: [00:24:08] You know, Todd, you are a great friend, which is why I always love coming on with you. But that introduction you always give me is so super, that I really double extra love coming on with you. [00:24:20][12.2]

STARNES: [00:24:20] Well, you see, I hear you when you’re on our good friend Sebastian Gorka’s show, and I’m always trying to outdo his introductions because he does an amazing job. [00:24:29][8.4]

CROWLEY: [00:24:30] Well, I have all the right friends, including you and Seb. [00:24:33][2.7]

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STARNES: [00:24:34] Monica, We’ve been talking about this Navy training program that’s coming out. They’re creating a safe space for sailors who are confused about their pronouns. And you just really wonder what in the world is going on inside Biden’s Pentagon with this wokeness. It’s nuts. [00:24:54][19.2]

CROWLEY: [00:24:55] Well, it’s everywhere. And, you know, it’s a form of corruption, of course, because anything that takes away from the military’s main mission, which is to protect the United States, protect the American people, and fight and win wars. And sometimes that involves killing the enemy, right? I mean, I hate to be brutally honest about it, but that’s their mission. Anything that detracts from that mission is something that puts Americans further and further at risk. So you do see this happening across the board. It’s not just the U.S. military, but you’re seeing it in law enforcement. You’re seeing it across every institution. You’re seeing it in education. Todd, this kind of thing is happening everywhere and it’s meant to you know, they dress it up as some form of tolerance, but it’s actually meant to undermine and ultimately destroy our institutions en route to destroying the country. [00:25:50][54.9]

STARNES: [00:25:51] You’re absolutely right, Monica. And it’s insane that this is going on not just in the Navy, but in all the branches of the military, even Space Force. They’re promoting something called queer space. I don’t even want to get into that right now. But I do want you to weigh in on this crazy story involving Stephen Colbert’s insurrection at the U.S. Capitol. We talked about this yesterday. Quite frankly, I think every person on his staff who was arrested, they ought to still be in jail along with those arrested on Jan. 6. [00:26:24][32.5]

CROWLEY: [00:26:25] Well, absolutely. I mean, these are the left’s rules, right, Todd? So this looks very much like an insurrection to me. They were on government property. They were unescorted. They were not invited in. They were there with the intent to disrupt a government proceeding, which is the Jan. 6 Committee, that sham. But they were engaged in all of the things that they claimed that the Jan. 6 protesters were engaged in. So I would like to see June 16 now be as an important of a date as Jan. 6 in the history of this nation, right? Where is the left screaming death of democracy? Because that’s exactly what an insurrection is, an attempt to destroy democracy. Jan. 6 was not that, but if we’re playing by the left’s rules, then the Colbert team should be held to account in the exact same way that the Jan. 6 folks are. So I’m looking for them to be in solitary confinement, being locked away in a Washington D.C. jail for 18 months without due process. I’m looking for them to be smeared in the press. I’m looking for the exact same evenhanded treatment of those folks as the Jan. 6 folks. And of course, we’re not going to get it. And, of course, this is laden with sarcasm. But isn’t that the point then, Todd, that we are living in a system, we’re living in a country that has a two tiered justice system and an unequal application of the law and a very, very corrupt press. [00:27:56][90.3]

STARNES: [00:27:57] And Monica Crowley, I just again, want to go on the record, and I wrote this on the social media yesterday. I am among those calling for congressional hearings. I want to hear Triumph the Insult Comic Dog testify under oath. [00:28:10][13.7]

Is the criminal justice system biased against conservatives?

CROWLEY: [00:28:12] Yes. Wouldn’t that be something? [00:28:14][1.1]

STARNES: [00:28:14] You know that sorry dog, Monica Crowley, I have to tell you, I don’t know why that guy, Robert Smigel, that guy gets under my skin, but they cornered me at one of the political conventions years ago and I ended up being on, was it Conan O’Brien I think at the time. I can’t remember. I think Triumph started with Conan, but I ended up being a part of their huge comedy attack hit piece. It was very unpleasant. [00:28:37][22.9]

CROWLEY: [00:28:39] Yeah, no, I think I remember that when they sort of cornered you and ambushed you on that. Look, they play according to their own rules. They do what they want. Colbert last night was trying to dismiss the whole thing as just jokes and my team doing their job. No, you were trespassing at the U.S. Capitol, which is what you were plastering the Jan. 6 protesters for doing. “Well, I’m not the president trying to incite an insurrection.” Oh, come on. It is either break a law or you don’t break the law. We either have rule of law or we don’t have rule of law. And in this country, there has been a widespread breakdown of the respect that we have for our institutions, but that didn’t just materialize, Todd. That’s a direct result of the fact that our institutions have been failing us. You cannot have a healthy, functioning republic when you do not have the equal application of the law. Lady Liberty and Lady lady Justice is supposed to be blind. She’s blindfolded for a reason. And yet now we have, it’s not an uneven application of the law based on race or gender or anything like that. It’s based on your political affiliation, which is just as dangerous as, you know, a justice system that is going on the base of race or gender or anything else. And those of us on the short end of the stick, those of us who are conservatives and populists and people of faith. Boy, you know, the country cannot go on much longer like this, Todd. It just can’t. Something has got to give. [00:30:18][99.4]

STARNES: [00:30:19] It does, Monica. And I think the the day of reckoning is coming probably sooner than we expect, as even more Democrats realize their careers are on the line because of the Biden administration’s failures. I want to talk real quick about the podcast coming up. What you got cooking? [00:30:37][17.7]

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CROWLEY: [00:30:38] Yes. Well, you are going to be my guest on Friday. [00:30:40][2.3]

STARNES: [00:30:41] I’m excited about this. [00:30:42][0.8]

CROWLEY: [00:30:42] I cannot wait to have you on the Monica Crowley podcast. Thank you for joining me on Friday. I wanted to have you on because I’m anticipating major Supreme Court decisions coming down on Thursday this week, including the big decision on Roe v. Wade and a big decision on guns, a big decision on immigration. So I’m looking forward to having you on on Friday so we can take apart all of these very important legal but also cultural issues. And to talk to you about where we stand culturally in these culture wars, there does seem to be a real shift in the energy, and that’s something that I’d like to explore with you. It does feel like God is starting to put his foot down a little bit. [00:31:26][43.6]

STARNES: [00:31:27] It does. [00:31:27][0.0]

CROWLEY: [00:31:28] We will explore that on the podcast. And in the meantime, I’ve got a new show every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, so a new one tomorrow as well. And you can get it wherever you get your podcasts: Apple, Google, Spotify, Stitcher. So please check it out. [00:31:42][13.8]

STARNES: [00:31:42] It’s a great podcast, everybody. You got to check it out. Monica Crowley and we’ve got links on our live show blog. Monica, look forward to Friday. [00:31:49][7.1]

CROWLEY: [00:31:50] Hey, it’s a pleasure, as always, Todd. Thank you. [00:31:53][2.5]

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