Monica Crowley: We Are in a Slow Motion Constitutional Crisis

The country is under assault by the Marxist Communist Left, Monica Crowley said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [00:41:29] You know, another great looking conservative woman is our good friend Monica Crowley on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Hello, Monica. [00:41:35][6.3]

MONICA CROWLEY: [00:41:36] Hi. Well, I’ll take that compliment all day long, Todd Starnes. [00:41:40][3.5]

TODD: [00:41:40] Awesome. You know, Monica, you’re just a great American patriot, but you’re also, we’re celebrating today on the program because this is launch day-Inauguration Day for the brand new Monica Crowley Podcast. [00:41:52][11.7]

Is the U.S. under a constitutional crisis?

MONICA: [00:41:54] Yes. Thank you so much for having me on today, Todd, and thank you so much for giving me a chance to talk about my new podcast, which launches today. It’s going to drop here in a couple of hours. You know, I’ve been approached over many years about doing a podcast, and I never felt like the time was right to do it. I was off doing other things, serving in the Trump administration and media and other things. But now I feel like the time is not just right, but it’s necessary to do this show because the country is being assaulted both from within and also from without. We’ve got external enemies and internal ones. And I felt like this is an existential crisis for this country that I love so much, and that’s why I wanted to get started on the podcast. So we’re launching today. You can download it on every podcast platform that you know: Apple, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart. Wherever you get your podcast, download the Monica Crowley Podcast, subscribe and it will automatically come to you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. [00:43:01][67.3]

TODD: [00:43:01] I love it. Joe Rogan needs to be very concerned right about now that you’ve jumped into this. What are some of the things people can expect on the Monica Crowley Podcast? [00:43:11][10.0]

MONICA: [00:43:13] Well, you know, the organizing principle of everything that I do in the media, all of the books I’ve written, all of the radio shows I’ve hosted television shows, I’ve hosted all of my guest appearances, all of the interviews I do. The one thing that drives me is a deep and profound love of America and everything that this country has stood for and continues to stand for. Our history, of course, built on individual freedom and economic liberty. That’s what made this country, which is the greatest experiment in human liberty. Those are the things that made this country great in a very short amount of time. This country has been very good to me and my family and everyone I know, and to see it under assault by the Marxist Communist Left in this country that has now joined forces with- because everything has been corrupted in America. But you’ve got Big Tech, Big Corporate Media, Big Pharma, Big Science, big corporations, and of course, you know, it’s all driven by big government and all the lies that they tell us all day long. Those are the internal threats. And then you have external threats coming from state-the state sponsors of terrorism like Iran and big challengers like China. But you also have the transnational threats coming from the World Economic Forum, where they seek to erase borders and destroy sovereignty in the pursuit of a one world government. All of these threats are very severe. They are existential. And now we don’t have any kind of strong leadership in America. Actually, we’ve got leadership that’s going along down this path to destroy the country. That’s why I wanted to launch this podcast because it’s a real moment here for those of us who are true patriots who see what’s actually going on to mobilize to try to save America. [00:45:11][118.0]

TODD: [00:45:12] You know, Monica, as as we look at what’s been happening just over the past several days, President Biden in Poland making gaffe after gaffe after gaffe, and there’s got to be a stronger word to use, I mean, he is putting this country in a very dangerous spot with these comments about, you know, the 82nd Airborne, will be boots on the ground in Ukraine or that we’re going to use chemical weapons against the Russians or now calling for regime change. And you do wonder who is actually calling the shots here in the White House? It cannot be Joe Biden. [00:45:44][31.9]

MONICA: [00:45:46] Well, that’s also terrifying. So we are in a slow motion constitutional crisis, and I’m going to talk about this extensively on my podcast today. We’re in a like a slow mo constitutional crisis. Why? Because the president of the United States doesn’t know what planet he’s on, and the vice president of the United States is in a perpetual state of nervous breakdown. So when you’ve got both the president and the vice president, ill equipped, unable to deal with the challenges in front of the country, you’re in a constitutional crisis. The question about who’s actually pulling the strings? Look, Biden is-he’s constantly going off the map. It’s one thing if he and Kamala Harris make a hash of domestic issues while they’re home here in the US, it’s another thing entirely when they make a hash of things, when they’re on foreign soil, dealing with issues of life and death and war and peace. Okay. And so now it seems like the time to take the car keys away from grandpa and get the 25th Amendment going. Even if you get Kamala, you got to have someone who’s compos mentis as the president, and we do not have that now. I do think that Barack and Michelle Obama, along with the entire Obama machine, have a great deal of influence on this White House via Susan Rice, who is sitting in the White House doing God knows what. By the way, Todd, you never hear from her, do you? [00:47:19][92.6]

TODD: [00:47:20] No, you don’t. [00:47:20][0.4]

MONICA: [00:47:20] Susan Rice Susan Rice, who was given interviews all day long in the Obama years. You don’t see her or hear from her at all. That tells me she’s very instrumental here. [00:47:32][11.4]

TODD: [00:47:32] Monica Crowley on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line today, and by the way, her new podcast launching today, the Monica Crowley Podcast. We got a link to it direct-link on the live show blog. And like Monica said, you can find it wherever you get your podcasts. And you’re again, you’re going to want to get this to stay informed and educated folks. And this is a serious podcast for serious Americans, and we all need to be serious these days. You know, Monica, one of the things that I’ve noticed just over the past week or so, there has been a trend in the mainstream media shifting against the Biden administration and their policies. So they’re starting to play hardball here. What do you think is going on? [00:48:13][40.7]

MONICA: [00:48:15] Well, understand that any time you have Democrats controlling Congress and or the White House and you start to see some some negative stories and negative coverage about those Democrats understand that the members of the press doing this are not suddenly, they’re not doing it suddenly because they’re Republicans or they want to see Republicans win. They’re doing it because they’re trying to help the Democrats get their act together. So when you see these negative stories, understand that the press is putting it out there because they see what the reality is in terms of poll numbers and how this is going to be a bloodbath for their fellow Democrats come November, assuming all these races are clean and they’re trying to send up a warning sign. These are flags, red flags that they’re sending up to Democrats in the White House on Capitol Hill, that they better straighten out their act or they are really going to lose like in an existential way come November, which we can only hope. This has to be like a party ending event on November 8th. And people in the press understand that, and I think what they’re trying to do is actually help the White House and help Democrats on Capitol Hill to try to focus them on what’s coming down the pike unless they change their tune at least a little bit. [00:49:37][82.3]

TODD: [00:49:38] All right. We’re going to leave it there. Monica, again, congratulations on the new podcast. Looking forward to listening to that and you said it’ll be out later. The first episode later this afternoon? [00:49:46][8.3]

MONICA: [00:49:47] Yes, and thank you so much, Todd. Yes, the first episode drops later this afternoon. We’re going to post it. So subscribe now. It’s called the Monica Crowley Podcast. It’s up on every podcast platform. Subscribe now. So as soon as we drop today’s show and every show, it will automatically go to your phone and you will have it at your fingertips. [00:50:06][18.8]

TODD: [00:50:07] All right. Good stuff, Monica got a run. Always great having you on the show. [00:50:11][3.8]

MONICA: [00:50:12] Always a pleasure. Todd, thank you. [00:50:13][1.4]

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