More FBI Docs Coming on Biden: Rep. Biggs

The House Oversight Committee expects to receive more FD-1023 forms from the FBI this week that support what a Ukrainian oligarch said in his statement concerning an alleged bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, Rep. Andy Biggs said on Newsmax Sunday. 

“We continue to accumulate evidence, so we’re going to get more bank records this week,” the Arizona Republican said on Newsmax’s “Sunday Report.” “We are supposed to be receiving more 10-23s, which are these reports from the FBI.”

And in addition to the suspicious activity reports that were filed with the Department of Treasury, Biggs said people are asking what’s happening, at a time when “we’ve gotten more done in about 4-5 months than the Department of Justice did in 4-5 years. We’ve put this together. I think the next step is to find the links there.”

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The FD-1023 documents that are coming are not necessarily from the same informant involved in the first FBI document the Oversight Committee pushed to see concerning the Bidens, said Biggs. 

“These are other reports that the FBI has from other sources,” said Biggs. “They’ve been reluctant to give those to us. They’ve been very difficult to deal with.”

Committee members were able to view the initial FBI document, and it was heavily redacted, which is unusual considering it was declassified, said Biggs, adding that the Ukrainian source has said that he has other documentation as well of him speaking with Biden and his son. 

Meanwhile, the House Homeland Security Committee last week announced plans to investigate Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, with the evidence to be used toward potential impeachment proceedings.

“I introduced my first impeachment resolution probably a year and three months ago,” said Biggs, noting that the priority is to make sure all Republicans are still on board with the move. 

“We have people in our caucus [who are asking] what’s the constitutional rational and what’s the legal predicate?” he said. “We are putting those ducks in a row, so everybody feels comfortable going forward. The last thing we want is to not be able to complete the impeachment side of the process in the House of Representatives.”

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