More Than Half of Democrats Would Flee Country If We’re Invaded: Poll

Most Democrats would run to Mexico or Canada if the United States was invaded like Ukraine, according to a new poll.

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National radio host Todd Starnes said he is not surprised because public schools are teaching the country’s youth to hate America.


Starnes: [00:21:48] 55% of Americans, this is according to Frank Luntz, 55% of Americans say they would stay and fight if the United States were invaded like Ukraine, only 55%. What do you think? That was back when our grandparents were alive? I would say it was 110%. What does that say about our country that only 55% of Americans would stay and fight if we got invaded? Now, among Republicans, 68% of Republicans say they would stay and fight 25%. That’s the Mitt Romney side, by the way, that 25% would flee the country. Among independents, 57% say they would stay. Among Democrats, 52% of Democrats say they would go to Canada or Mexico. 52% of Democrats. You know, it’s just this says a lot about who we are as a people and what they’re teaching our kids in the public school, by the way. That’s what this is all about. They’re teaching our kids to hate America, that America is not worth fighting for. That’s that’s what that’s all about. [00:22:58][69.9]

Do Democrats hate the country?