MSNBC Analyst Says GOP Will Cancel Elections If They Win in November

MSNBC analyst Malcom Nance insisted that if Republicans win in November, it will be “the end of democracy.”

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In a conversation with Sirius XM radio host Dean Obeidallah, Nance rattled off a series of potential nightmare scenarios that will occur if Democrats do not maintain control of Congress.

Are liberals losing their minds?

“It’s battle stations! The Democrats, Joe Biden, all the rest of them need to understand,” Nance exclaimed. “You are four months from the end of American democracy.”

He continued, “They will vote through every piece of legislation, and defund every component of the United States government.”

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Nance’s fanatical predictions did not stop there.

The analyst went on to warn that Republicans will cancel elections, end the Supreme Court and try to impeach President Biden “every week” if they reclaim control of the legislature.

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“They’re not joking about impeaching Joe Biden every week,” Nance lectured. “And Kamala Harris, and getting rid of people and or, you know, expanding the Supreme Court, whatever it is they think they can do, even though some of it’s crazy.”

Nance’s assertion that Republicans would expand the Supreme Court is especially surprising considering court packing has recently been pushed by prominent Democrats and widely criticized by Republicans.

“This will be the end of Congress,” the analyst rambled. “We’ve already seen the end of the Supreme Court. We’ve seen the Supreme Court is no longer an instrument of justice. It is a political body that is looking out for its own personal political interests. Well, Congress could end this November.”

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Although Nance seemed very upset throughout the interview, he concluded by claiming that Democrats will “have things in hand” by the midterms. However, he stressed the importance of mobilizing voters and activists to ensure his doomsday predictions do not come true.

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