MSNBC Freaks Out about GOP Recruiting Poll Workers Who Are ‘White Folks in Suburbs’

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Politico reporter Heidi Przybyla apparently gets triggered by suburban white people.

She appeared on MSDNC to sound the alarm over reports that Republicans are recruiting poll workers. She is especially troubled over “white folks from the suburbs” potentially “targeting” heavily-minority and Democratic-leaning districts with Republican poll workers.

Przybyla told MSDNC’s Velshi about audio recordings she obtained which contained GOP strategists speaking with Michigan activists about putting Republicans in poll worker positions and having them report suspicious behavior to similarly right-leaning lawyers.

“What you are going to see here visually is a lot of white folks from the suburbs coming in and trying to administer, or actually having these official positions administering elections in these heavily minority districts,” she said.

Ms. Przybyla was deeply troubled by the idea that conservative Americans might just possibly show up and do their civic duty on Election Day.

“I heard to a person all of these individuals talking about how there was fraud in the 2020 election and the intent here is to stop that fraud again,” she said — warning that some of the folks they are aligned with “hardcore MAGA folks who really believe that fraud occurred.”

What Politico and MSDNC are really upset about is that Republicans are not going to stand down and let Democrats steal yet another election.

Watch below.