LISTEN: Todd Starnes SLAMS Never Trumpers for ‘Fundamental Transformation of America’

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This is an adapted version of nationally syndicated radio host Todd Starnes’ monologue discussing Democrats’ push for court-packing and flooding the country with illegal immigrants on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

I know a lot of you folks are going to be blaming the Democrats, as well you should because they’re Democrats and they hate America. They hate our way of life. They hate our culture, which is why they are fundamentally transforming our nation.

But most of your wrath should be directed at the Never Trump Republicans because they’re the ones who made this happen. They’re the ones who gave the nation a Biden administration.

You cannot underestimate how important this is right now, that we punish these Never Trump Republicans. Every single one of them ought to be run out of office.

Because honestly, I’m not sure there’s much we can do to stop the Democrats from packing the Supreme Court. They have the right to do it. They have had a chance in the past to do it, but they know — even the most liberal of Democrats knew that this would be a bad thing for America. That it would destroy the fabric and the culture of our nation and it would politicize the highest court in the land.

The Democrats want a progressive Supreme Court and quite frankly they might get their wish.


They are opening the door for a radical, progressive, socialist-style government in America. A government that will be wearing robes, because that’s what they want to do, they want to politicize the Supreme Court and they want to give them incredible powers over ‘We The People.’

And it’s the fault of the Never Trump Republicans. Shame on all of them.

And by the way, there are also a lot of Never Trump conservative pundits out there. I’m thinking right off the top of my head, National Review. There are a lot of them working over at Fox News Channel. They get paid to pretend to be conservative and they bear much responsibility as well. A number of people in the talk radio industry who profess to be conservative, but privately they’re not.

You need to understand what really goes on when they turn off the lights … I never got into that stuff. I didn’t go to their parties. I didn’t fellowship with these people because it was all fake and phony.

And you see the conservatives and the liberals, and they’re yelling at each other on Fox News Channel … and you’ve got the host in the middle … well, you need to undertand what happens when the lights go off and they’re on their smartphones…fighting like cats and dogs on television, but off-screen they’re just buddy-buddies.

And I’m not going to name names here but one thing that really aggravated me was Al Sharpton. That man is an obination. He is a heathen. He is no pastor. He is no reverend. Quite frankly, I think the man is … well, I’m not going to go there, but he’s evil. This man is a despicable human being. And I know conservatives who are best friends with Al Sharpton … how can you possibly be a friend of Al Sharpton knowing what that man has done, knowing what he’s still doing?

So it’s all a big joke to a lot of people. It’s show business. Well, you know what? We don’t do show business here. And I gotta tell you I was not at all disappointed to not be in the conservative cliques in Washington, D.C. and New York City. That’s not how I fly.

Again, this is a very disturbing thing that’s happening and we need to hold people accountable. But I’m not sure there’s much we can do.

The Biden administration is going to sign off on this. I have no doubt about it.

But here’s how bad things are. You have people like Notorious RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsburg herself, talking about how bad of an idea this is.

If the Democrats move forward with this, the Republicans will have no choice but to overwhelm the elections in 2022, retake both the House and the Senate, and their first order of business should be to appoint every member of the Heritage Foundation to the Supreme Court. Get 75 conservatives up there…what about 500. Where do you draw the line?

There was a point in American history that we have to have an impartial court. I think the number nine has worked pretty darn well since 1869 … Stephen Breyer, the most liberal member of the court, and even he disagrees with this.

I want to go back to 1983 when Joe Biden, and I don’t know if this was pre-or-post plagiarism charges, they were talking about packing the court then, and Joe Biden was absolutely right, it was a boneheaded move.

FDR’s plan was so outrageous that even his vice president opposed it.

So now you’ve got a bunch of Republican lawmakers, on Tuesday, they introduced a constitutional amendment that would set the number of Supreme Court justices at nine…well, that’s not going to get anywhere. We’re talking about a Democrat-controlled Congress. Are these people morons? Why are they doing this now?

Why did they not think about this when they had the majority? Go all the way back to the early days of the Trump presidency. The Republicans controlled the House and the Senate and the White House. They controlled everything. They could’ve done something like this back then, and maybe, just maybe we would not be in the position we’re in right now.

But the Republican leadership was so hell-bent on punishing Donald Trump and making him look bad that they did not do their jobs.


Now here we are. It’s a great big mess. So we’re going to have to fight this. This is a very dangerous thing the Democrats are doing.

Hats off to Governor Kristi Noem out of South Dakota. She put out a statement saying that South Dakota will not allow illegal immigrants to be relocated to her state. That’s not going to happen.

Yesterday on the program, we had Congresswoman Debbie Lesko. She told us the jaw-dropping news that the Biden administration is using our tax dollars to buy airplane tickets for the illegals they’re putting on board airplanes without an photo ID, without any evidence of a China Virus test, and they’re depositing these illegals in our neighborhoods.

Your new neighbor could be an illegal. And there’s word out of Chattanooga, Tennessee … at least 100 illegal alien children have been relocated to your community. They’re staying at a former dormitory of a Christian college out there and there’s a big controversy because people want to know if they’re going to be footing the bill for them.

The broader question is, ‘Should we be footing the bill for all of these people?’

It all ties in here people. What’s happening on the Supreme Court, moving the illegal aliens by the millions into the country. This is part of the fundamental transformation.

I don’t think there’s much we can do right now and I blame it on the Never Trump Republicans!

How do you feel, ladies and gentlemen, about footing the bill for the healthcare, for food, lodging, education, and apparently, airline travel for illegal aliens. One set of rules for them. One set of rules for us.


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