Nikki Haley to Suspend Presidential Campaign, Will Not Endorse Trump

NEWSMAX: Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley will reportedly announce the end of her presidential campaign after former President Donald Trump’s near sweep of every state in the GOP primary to date.

The news comes early Wednesday morning from The Wall Street Journal after Haley declined to make a post-Super Tuesday evening address to her campaign supporters in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Haley is expected to make a brief concession speech for the Republican Party primary at 10 a.m. ET in her hometown of Charleston, where she will not issue an endorsement for Trump but urge her former boss to appeal to her independent and Democrat voters to bring them into the GOP electoral base this November, according to the report.

The Haley campaign officially announced the 10 a.m. remarks, but did not mention an official suspension.

Haley only won Vermont among 15 states that held GOP contests Tuesday night, and only Washington, D.C., among all the other primary and caucus states to date.

Trump has not officially clinched the nomination, but he could next Tuesday as Georgia, Hawaii, Mississippi, and Washington state all hold their delegate-delivering contests to help him get to the 1,215 delegates needed to win.

Haley leaves the 2024 presidential contest having made history as the first woman to win a Republican primary. She beat Trump in the District of Columbia on Sunday and Vermont on Tuesday.

She had insisted she would stay in the race through Super Tuesday and crossed the country campaigning in states holding Republican contests.

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