NM County Pleads With Trump To Save Them From Illegal Alien Invasion

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The good people of Otero County, New Mexico have been overrun by an invading horde of illegal aliens.

“You can’t really understand how bad it is until you get right down in the middle of it,” said Couy Griffin, chairman of the county commission. “And it’s unfortunate our state government is not responding the way they need to be responding in order to get this crisis under control.”

Griffin was a guest on the Todd Starnes Radio Show — alerting the nation about the dire situation in this border community of 65,000 citizens. He is especially troubled by the unprecedented increase in drug trafficking.

“It’s a New Mexico problem, but it’s also an American problem,” he said. “Those drugs are going to continue going north.”

Griffin said they are not anti-immigrant, but they are definitely anti-illegal immigrant. And commissioners are considering a resolution that will ban the state from relocating illegals to their county.

To matters even worse, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a leftist, pulled National Guard troops from border checkpoints in Otero County.

“She hasn’t even paid the common courtesy of a phone call,” he said.

And they are also having trouble getting in touch with the Trump administration.

“I wish I could find a line directly into them and we could just about bypass our state government because our state government isn’t of any help,” he said. “But you know when you’re the little guy and you’re waving the white flag and you’re yelling for help – sometimes it’s hard to find that help.”

Griffin told the Todd Starnes Show that he still has confidence in President Trump and he respects the president’s “heart for the people.”

“If I could tell the White House anything right now – I would tell them to keep fighting,” he said. “I look at my little four-year-old boy and I want him to grow up in the same America that I grew up in,” he said. “And I’ll be damned if these socialists and communists are going to hijack and steal our country. We’re going to fight them to the end. So I would say keep fighting the good fight.”

But he did have one suggestion for the president regarding the national emergency.

“If I was the president of the United States, I’d lock that border down tighter than a drum and I’d tell Mexico that we’ll go back to trading with you whenever you pay for that wall,” he said.

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